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    Windows Find File can't find Camera Raw.8bi though it's there

    Rob Keijzer Level 1
      Hi everybody,

      Must be my age, but here it is:

      Windows Find File (the search utility from the Start button in XP) can't find Camera Raw.8bi although it's sitting perfectly inside:

      C:\Program Files\Common Files\Adobe\Plugins\CS3\File Formats.

      Even *.8bi didn't find it (or any other .8bi file for that matter). The obvious search strings *did* find the couple of archived ACR files I backed up, including the latest, but not the one sitting in it's normal spot.

      I then tried my second PS machine (the laptop) and there the same happened (no ACR file found although its there).

      On both computers ACR 4.3.1 is working correctly. I was just checking their location, because sometimes after a camera file ingest session, Bridge shows some Raw files as generic icons, which also have no metadata, and have "no" after "supports XMP".

      The latter problem aside, maybe someone knows what I'm overseeing in the file find thing.

      No folders or files in the above path are flagged Hidden or System, or anything.