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    Can't import Canon S 50 Raw Files to PSE 4.0.1 in Mac 10.5.2

      Help. I'm transitioning from OS9.1 to 10.5.2. I brought my Firewire card reader and several CF cards of RAW CRW images from my Canon S 50 to the Apple store 2 months ago and was able to open them in PSE 4. Based on this I purchased an Aluminum 24" imac, put in 4GB of RAM and ordered Photoshop Elements 4. Reading the Adobe forums, two things were advised: upgrade to 4.0.1 and upgrade the RAW converter to v4.3.1. I did both and am unable to import the RAW CRW files from my Canon via CF card. They appear in Bridge, but do not open in Elements 4.0.1 . Have I done something wrong? My goal is to archive the files, but also convert them to DNG. Is the 4.3.1 upgrade wrong for these first generation Canon RAW files? I've scanned the archive prior to posting, and have posted to the PS Elements site. They suggested I ask advice here, as I've followed there upgrade advice and it didn't work. Thanks in advance. Paul