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    ACR 4.4 *FINALLY* fixes magenta reds under tungsten light! Yeah!

      Adobe has FINALLY fixed the ugly reds that were always too blueish when shooting in tungsten light and correcting the WB! Hurray! Took them 5 years almost! Before 4.4, no matter how much I calibrated by shooting a CC under tungsten and doing it via the book, it never looked correct.

      Now can they please do this for the daylight profile as well? 1/2 way there!

      I know all about the calibrations and have done them with the CC card, but the reds were always a problem in ACR. Obviously Adobe realized this as well when fixing it in 4.4 for tungsten - they said extreme ends of the color temperature scale.

      So IMO, they can also fix the reds (without having users do ridiculous calibrations that ALWAYS yield negative hues for red and a LOT of saturation for RED) in daylight!

      Pretty please!