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    Camera RAW 4.4 and Calibration

    Selby Shanly Level 1
      With the new 4.4 profiles, should I rerun the Fors' ACRCalibrator?
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          Thomas Knoll Level 2
          I don't think that would be needed. For most of the temperature/tint range, the color rendering is very similar.
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            Except if you shoot tungsten - the new profiles (at least for my Canons) are finally correct in the reds. So if you corrected, as I did for many years, you WILL need to re-calibrate. I wish the daylight profile was fixed as well...
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              rasworth Level 1
              I agree - I did a calibration run under similiar conditions (open sunlight, same lens, D300) before and after (4.3 and 4.4), the only non-single digit change from 0 was blue saturation. For ACR 4.3 it was -35 and for 4.4 -25.

              All calibration script runs I've done have always shown the large negative blue sat correction, I have to believe there is something amiss with the default Photoshop profile.

              Richard Southworth
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                michael shaffer Level 1
                Thomas -- Does this mean, in spite of my cameras not being Canon, if I calibrate after a raw developed with ACR3.7, that it will be improper to use with Lr 1.4?

                Edit: I see that the answer is relative to the camera's profile. My cam is an Oly E-3
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                  Marco N. Level 1
                  You can eveluate yourself the change in the color rendering with two Camera Raw versions:

                  1. download the script "Read_Colors_CC24" from Rags Gardner site in your script folder
                  2. open the"Read_Colors_CC24" with ExtendScript Toolkit
                  3. in the 75 row you see:
                  var buildColorLabTarget = false; // build a target with one pixel per patch (Marco Noldin)
                  Change false with true and save the script
                  4. open the Colorchecker or other image in PS (prohoto, 16 bit)
                  5. Track a pen path
                  6. Duplicate the image to keep the same path for the second image
                  7. Run the "Read_Colors_CC24" script. At the end a new 6x4 pixel image will be in PS. Convert it in Lab mode and save it in Tiff mode without compression.
                  8. Open the same image in PS changing the profile version in the ACR calibration tab
                  9. Drag the pen path from the duplicated image to the new image
                  10. Run the script again and save the second new 6x4 pixel image
                  11. Download the freeware ColorLab from the Gretagmacbet/X-Rite site and open the two 6x4 pixel image
                  12. Filter layout and format/enable ok on both image
                  13. Special/comparing

                  Regardless of the incongruence introduced by PS in the RGB to Lab conversion you have a good visual and numeric report in the color change. You can make these conversions infinitely more precise in ColorLab but I think for this purpose in not needed