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    Error when opening hundreds of raw files into CS3

      I get an error message when I'm trying to open several hundred raw files directly from an Expressions Media catalogue into CS3 camera raw. This is an important part of my workflow as I'm a wedding photographer who creates portfolios of several hundred pictures per client.

      This was never a problem for me in CS2. I could open directly into the Camera Raw Dialogue and then save them all as jpgs very quickly and seamlessly.

      The only thread I've found so far is this one and it appears to be closed:


      My workaround involves adding another step, more time and using a really poor editing program called BRIDGE.

      I've had to duplicate all of these images put them in another folder outside of the home folder I would prefer to use, load this into bridge and open in camera raw.

      What am I missing? Any help would be appreciated.
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          JimHess-8IPblY Level 3
          Photoshop CS3 requires more RAM, I think. And as that other thread points out, the amount of RAM you have limits the number of raw images you can have opened at once.

          I may have misinterpreted what you wrote. But if you are just opening them so that you can save them all as JPEG images, have you considered using the Image Processor, or (better yet) Dr. Brown's 1-2-3 Process?
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            I tried to increase the ram on a new Mac Pro tower. That didn't work and this wasn't an issue on my G5 where I opened thousands of files in ACR via CS2 at one time and saved them as JPGS to an external drive.

            I haven't tried the image processor or Dr. Brown's. Although I'm familiar with them.

            What I would like to do is to continue using the program as I have used it in the past. Opening in camera raw and adjusting them and then saving them. Very simple. Very clean. No additional steps. No confusion for me or my assistants.

            But it appears to me that I'm going to have to take two step backwards to take one step forwards here.

            Or am I still missing something?