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    Opening Camera Raw - Windows XP

      Sorry if this seems a bit too obvious a question!

      I installed CS2 about 18 months ago, and never needed to use Camera Raw until now. I spent ages trying to find it on my computer, looking through photoshop, Bridge, Windows Explorer but just couldnt find it. I know I have it because updates are downloaded every so often for it.

      Just to check I actually have Camera Raw, I searched in Explorer and it came up with:

      - two .zip XML files the computer doesnt recognise and cant open
      - An empty file folder
      - An updater file (Prefetch)
      - The application, Adobe\plug-ins\CS2\file formats\ which I when I click to open the computer says it does not know the file type (.8BI file type).

      I've looked to downloading a update/file for it, but I dont see how the ones available will actually patch the programme so that it will work.

      Does anyone have any ideas on how to open it?
      Thanks for your help :)
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          John_Cornicello_Photo Level 2
          Hi Laura.

          To see if you have the Camera Raw filter installed go into Photoshop and go to the Help menu, select About Plug-In and seen if Camera Raw is listed there.

          To open Camera Raw go to File > Open and select a raw file that you copied to your computer from your camera.

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            01af Level 1

            you'll never launch Camera Raw---Photoshop does (or Bridge), as John just has explained. The latest Camera Raw version you can use with Photoshop CS2 is 3.7. To use any later versions, you'd need to upgrade to Photoshop CS3.

            If you have raw files from digital cameras that aren't supported by Camera Raw 3.7 (i. e. cameras that came to market after Camera Raw 3.7 was released) then use the current version of Adobe DNG Converter to convert the raw files into DNG format, then use Camera Raw 3.7 to process the DNG files. Adobe DNG Converter is a little stand-alone program (not a plug-in) that you can download free of charge from Adobe's website.

            -- Olaf