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    Inability to see/open RAW images Elements 5.0

      I have a new laptop -which runs on the Vista OS
      I put on my copy of PSE 5.0 and can do everything under the sun with JPEG images as I could prior with the now defunct laptop. However I cannot get it to recognize RAW files. I've done the most current plug-in download and put it into the correct file path after removing the previous existing file and placing it on the desktop for safekeeping (as stated by Adobe to keep it at hand in case)

      I use a Canon XTi, worked fine on the old Desktop I previously used, then when purchased first laptop and removed program from desktop and applied to first laptop everything worked fine. Both systems at that time were on XP OS. Now new laptop running the Vista OS and cannot get it to see RAW files.

      Any help to be offered?

      I'm not UBER computer literate so in as idiot terms as possible would be GREAT LOL!

      Again specs

      PS Elements 5.0 Edition
      MS VISTA OS (Home Premium)

      Downloaded Camera Raw 8Bi file

      placed in C://ProgramFiles/Adobe/PhotoshopElements5.0/plugins/Fileformats

      Thank you so much!