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    Feature Request

    ArrrBee Level 1

      When I am working with my raw files I tend to go through them in Bridge and
      pick the ones that I want to work with. Often times this can involve several
      of the same scene, etc. I then take them in to ACR and then start going in
      and making adjustments. However, when I have several images of the same
      scene and I am trying to pick which one I want to keep it often involves the
      adjustments I make in ACR, this and a few other things control which version
      of the image I keep.

      I would like to see Adobe add the option to remove an image from the batch
      queue in ACR (the right hand side strip with the thumbnails). So that as I
      go through and start editing I can remove from the list the images I have
      decide I don't want to mess with.


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          Robert Shomler Level 4
          >go through them in Bridge and pick the ones that I want to work with

          How do you pick the ones that you want to work with in Bridge? It may be that Bridge has the function you need.

          I'll frequently do something like this where I'll identify images I want to work with in acr -- often a series of the same scene, initially making this identification by assigning each of these images a one star rating. Then in Bridge I'll select a series of these one-star images and right click to open the selected set in ACR, where the series of thumbnails appears down the side of the ACR screen.

          As I make ACR adjustments and evaluate the images I may either add a star to the image (to keep for further use), remove the star (no longer work with that image) or assign a label (color) to identify the kind of further work I may want to do. You can add or remove stars by selecting the thumbnail in ACR and clicking the appropriate place on the rating (star) line. You can add one of four labels in acr to a selected image via keyboard shortcuts control-6, 7, 8 or 9.

          When you click Done in ACR, the rating changes and label assignments will appear in your bridge thumbnails.