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    Another ACR 4.4 bug?

    Dennis 1111 Level 2
      I noticed this post over on FM. An ACR/PS user encountered a weird issue where an ACR-converted image in PS went completely black when the mode was changed to LAB inside PS. The issue was resolved when he went back to v4.3.

      Has anyone else seen this or can they reproduce it if they have 4.4 installed?

      The problem may have been related to the way the user installed/de-installed 4.4 and the situation is maybe a bit unique but if this is really a result of 4.4, I think it implies other problems than just EXIF data.

      I am holding off on updating but if there is anyone who has already installed 4.4 and would like to try to reproduce the anomaly, it might be helpful for the community.


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          Omke Oudeman Level 5
          I can't reproduce this using ACR 4.4 and Canon RAW files, both CR2 and DNG files.
          They both just act normal when changed to LAB in PSCS
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            01af Level 1
            Once I had a problem with the Lab colour mode in Photoshop CS3. Whenever I switched from RGB mode into Lab mode, the image would go solid-black ... albeit the single L, a, and b channels looked just fine. That had nothing to do with Camera Raw or converted raw files; it occured with JPEG or TIFF files as well. Photoshop CS2, which was installed on the same machine, did not show this issue.

            I never found out the reason for that problem---but re-installing Photoshop CS3 from scratch solved the issue for me (resetting the preferences did not).

            -- Olaf
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              I've got this same bug and it is driving me insane! This is a major problem.

              How can I revert back to ACR 4.3?

              Unlike Olaf, when I completely re-installed PS3, it did not fix the problem. I'm going to try to revert to ACR 4.3 in hopes that it works. I hope the Adobe team is listening and provides a fix for this ASAP.
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                Ramón G Castañeda Level 4
                Upgrade to ACR 4.4.1.
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                  Level 1
                  Ah, okay. Whew. I was able to revert to ACR 4.3.1 by doing the following (and it fixed the bug):

                  - Go to http://www.adobe.com/support/downloads/detail.jsp?ftpID=3822 and download the .8bi file (e.g., download to the desktop)

                  - Make sure your Bridge and PS programs are closed

                  - Copy the downloaded .8bi file to:
                  \Program Files\Common Files\Adobe\Plug-Ins\CS3\File Formats

                  - Restart bridge, open any file in RAW, and you'll see that the version at the top of the window says 4.3.1. Open the image

                  - In PS3, Lab color now works properly.

                  Best of luck to others with this issue.
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                    Level 1
                    In response to Ramon's suggestion, upgrading to 4.4.1 does not alleviate the problem for me. I double checked and it still occurs so I'll stay at 4.3.1 until there's a fix.