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    Camera Raw 4.4

      Has Camera Raw 4.4 been repaired? The official Adobe Camera Raw update page makes 4.4 available with no warning of defects or statement the defects have been fixed. See:


      Surely if 4.4 were still defective, Adobe would post a prominent warning on their official update page. Wouldn't they?
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          JimHess-8IPblY Level 3
          Unless you have seen an announcement somewhere stating differently, 4.4 is the original release. You might as well go on ahead and give it a try. Some people are having problems with it, others are not. I am using 4.4 without any problems at all. Go ahead and try it, and if you have problems reinstall the version that you are using now. Remember, ACR does nothing that will damage your raw images. So what do you have to lose?
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            Ramón G Castañeda Level 4
            Jim is right. When ACR 4.4 is fixed, you will see a new released with a version number like 4.4.1 or something along those lines.

            Personally, I find 4.4 so much better that I have been using it exclusively since its release without seeing ANY ill effects whatsoever. I figured I would risk it simply because the alleged bug is supposed to affect only the Date Stamp in the Exif data of converted files, which I ultimately couldn't care less about myself. However, I have NOT seen any such date stamp bug in any of the raw PEF files from a Pentax *istD that I have converted with ACR 4.4 so far.
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              Ramon, do the improvements you see result from the updated camera profiles, or from something else? There was little information in the ACR 4.4 release notes about processing and profile improvements. I was hoping when I reverted back to ACR 4.3.1 I could continue to use the 4.4 profile for my camera (1DsII), but my only choice on reversion was the 2.4 profile. If it is worthwhile to do this, does anyone know of a way to keep and continue to use the 4.4 profile with ACR 4.3.1? Also, regarding the issue with time-stamp changes on conversion, what does it mean to say the time stamp will be altered in the converted file (to zeros, evidently) but not in the XMP sidecar file, and what effect does the altered time stamp have on the image data and on filing/libraries? I'd appreciate any clarification. Thanks.
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                JimHess-8IPblY Level 3
                Consider doing this:

                1. Take a raw image of anything. It doesn't matter what the subject is.
                2. Install ACR 4.4, process the image.
                3. Evaluate the results for problems.
                4. If problems are discovered, go back to 4.3.1.
                5. If no problems are discovered, continue using 4.4.
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                  Jim, thanks, but I guess I'm not as brave as you. Adobe advises against using ACR 4.4 unless you need it to process your images. I don't. Before I learned of the bugs in 4.4, however, I did use 4.4 to process several images, and noticed no problems. Nevertheless, just as there were changes made by 4.4 not described in the release notes, there may have been problems created when I used 4.4 that I was (and will continue to be) unable to detect. Being risk averse, I suppose, I have decided not to use 4.4 until it has been fixed by Adobe. If there are pieces of 4.4 free from risk, such as the new profile for my camera, then I'm willing to use those pieces, if that's even possible. Otherwise, though, I'll just wait for the de-bugged version.

                  Still, I'm perplexed that the ACR 4.4 download page makes no mention of Adobe's advice not to use 4.4.
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                    JimHess-8IPblY Level 3
                    What is the big deal? Camera Raw is nothing but a plug in for Photoshop. Yes, Adobe has advised against using 4.4 because some people have discovered a problem with the date being changed. And some people depend on all of this metadata as being something irreplaceable. I don't. Camera raw is not going to explode and destroy your computer and all of your images. At worst, it will mess up the date on that test raw file that I suggested that you take. But even if it did that, you could still evaluate the new profile and see if it was any different for you. You try it on that one raw file. Then, all you have to do is remove it and put the old one back. What is so "brave" about that? You can sit around and wring your hands wondering how something works, or you can try it. I'm sorry, but you're wasting a lot of time and effort wondering about something that all you have to do is give it a try.

                    Adobe advises against using 4.4 unless you have a new camera and you need the support. Well, if those people can use the plug-in, being fully aware that the date of the image "might" be altered, why can't you use it?

                    But, if you absolutely have to wait until Adobe tells you there is a new version, just keep watching this forum. They usually announce it here right along with their other initial announcements.
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                      Ramón G Castañeda Level 4
                      > Ramon, do the improvements you see result from the updated camera profiles, or from something else?

                      That would be impossible for me to determine.

                      > There was little information in the ACR 4.4 release notes

                      That's true of most or all of ACR releases. Bug fixes and improvements usually go unheralded.

                      So far, I've never regretted updating ACR.

                      The only alleged bug with ACR 4.4 is something to do with the time stamp when files converted by ACR 4.4 are brought into Lightroom. Since I do not use Lightroom, there is no reason for me not to use 4.4. I'm very, very happy with it.
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                        DavidRitch-BPYbxw Level 1

                        Actually, the date problem is not just with Lightroom. It is also with ACR and CS3.

                        I installed it and liked the conversion results, but then noticed that the time in the DateTimeOriginal and DateTimeDigitized EXIF fields in the converted images was set to 00:00. Since I use that data to organize my images, this unfortunately did not fit into my workflow.

                        I'm looking forward to 4.4.1 with great anticipation.

                        It would be useful to have an idea of how long the wait will be. If it's long enough, I may write a program that reads the relevant metadata from my raw files, and replaces it on my output images. If it's just a few days, it's not worth the effort.

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                          MadManChan2000 Adobe Employee
                          David, I can't provide an exact release date for 4.4.1 but it'll be sooner rather than later. I suggest not bothering to write that program.

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                            Omke Oudeman Level 5
                            I'm using Canon CR2 converted to DNG files from both an 1D2 and a 1Ds2 . Using ACR 4.4 and CS3 gives no problems at all (I checked a back up CR2 file and that was also without problems), exif date and time is still as it should be. :-)
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                              DavidRitch-BPYbxw Level 1
                              Eric - thanks! I'll hold off for a while.

                              Omke - thanks for the info. Maybe I should try re-installing it. I normally shoot with a 5D, and I found that when I used the Image Processor to save a batch of JPGs, they all had their times set to 00:00. Perhaps if I tried something other than the Image Processor, I'd have better results.

                              I'm using Windows XP Pro, 32-bit, in case that makes a difference.

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                                Ramón G Castañeda Level 4
                                >that the time in the DateTimeOriginal and DateTimeDigitized EXIF fields in the converted images was set to 00:00.

                                That quirk must be either Windows-specific (I'm on a Mac) or camera model specific. I just checked a few random files and I do NOT see the discrepancy you mention.
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                                  DavidRitch-BPYbxw Level 1
                                  Some days I wish I had a Mac. ;-)
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                                    I just purchased a Nikon D300 and was unable to access RAW files within Elements 6. They appear to have down loaded but indicate that they are either damaged or the wrong format. (Raw images from my D100 work just fine)

                                    It appears from the forums that perhaps I need to download Camera Raw 4.4 or use digital negative format.

                                    Can someone please help?

                                    Thanks, Leejski
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                                      JimHess-8IPblY Level 3
                                      The D300 was added to this supported list in Camera Raw 4.3. This update to Camera Raw would need to be installed before Photoshop Elements will be able to read the raw files from your camera. There is a link at the top of the Camera Raw forum that will take you to the download. You will find instructions there that you need to follow precisely as far as the folder where the plug-in is to be installed.

                                      There is a later version of Camera Raw available, but problems have been identified which they are resolving. I suspect there will be another update announcement shortly. You need to watch the forums or pay attention to photographic news from some source because Camera Raw is updated roughly four times each year. And you always want to have the latest version that is compatible with your version of Photoshop Elements.
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                                        Jim, THANK YOU for the quick response. If I understand you correctly you are recommending down loading Raw 4.3 instead of the most current version 4.4?
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                                          JimHess-8IPblY Level 3
                                          That is probably your "safest" alternative at this point. Some people have reported that 4.4 alters the date/time in the metadata. And if that's critical in your workflow then I would wait for the next announced update which should be coming very soon. Personally, I am using ACR 4.4 and not having any difficulties whatsoever. So it's your choice. You could try 4.4 on a test raw image and see if it modifies your metadata adversely. And if it does then you could install 4.3.1 and wait for the next update.
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                                            Level 1
                                            Jim, I down loaded CR 4.4 and it appears to be working just great. All of my D300 CR images are now accessible.

                                            Thank You for all your help.

                                            Jim Lee
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                                              To: Jim Hess

                                              Could you please help me with another Camera Raw problem.

                                              I just returned from a trip where I took a lot of pictures in Camera Raw. I down loaded them and began to review them in Elements 6 organizer. (pitures taken with Nikon D300 - If you recall you helped me solve an ACR problem by downloading ACR 4.4 to allow the pictures to be viewed in organizer)

                                              After reviewing 4 or 5 of the pictures they no longer would snap into sharp focus within the organizer window. If I shut down Elements 6 and come back into the application it is ok for another 4 or 5 pictures and then the pictures are un clear again (including in full display mode)

                                              I decided to take your other suggestion and tried ACR 4.3.1 and got the same thing. Feels like a memory problem but I have a new Dell XPS 410 with 2Gig of memory.

                                              Can you help please.

                                              Thanks James Lee.
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                                                JimHess-8IPblY Level 3
                                                I'm afraid I cannot be of any help to you on this issue. I have not used Photoshop Elements since version 2.0. I haven't even seen any of the later versions in action. I'm sorry.
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                                                  Ramón G Castañeda Level 4
                                                  Link to the Elements forums:

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                                                    John Joslin Level 6
                                                    Out of idle curiosity is the rewrite out?
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                                                      Ramón G Castañeda Level 4
                                                      Not yet. Promised "in the first half of April, 2008."
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                                                        John Joslin Level 6
                                                        Thanks. I don't have problem here but I would hate to advise someone to use it in its present form.