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    ACR running slow

      I recently installed CS3 as well as upgrading my PC by adding more ram for a total of 4 GB. Also, 80 Gb SATA II HD for scratch, a partition on my third internal drive (data storage) for windows page file. After all of this, my PC (XP Pro) ran noticeably faster.
      Now I'm using ACR 4.3.1 to render my raw files, but ACR is much slower than PS. With no other programs running (other than bridge), just trying to zoom in I get a brief pause with the little hour glass popping up for about 1 second and then it zooms in. It seems that almost everything I do in ACR there is a brief pause, with zooming in on something being the slowest (along with the little hour glass popping up) The sliders don't seem to be as responsive as they should be either, when moving the sliders they seem sticky, they don't move smoothy, sort of jerky. I don't have these issues with photo shop.
      I run antivirus software as well as antispyware on my PC and they report all is well.
      So, is this just the way it is with ACR? if not, any ideas on how it speed things up?

      Btw, I've only been using ACR for about 2 weeks, I'm pretty sure I it wasn't like this in the beginning, and I'm wondering if all of started after Microsofts instant update last Tuesday.
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          What is your Photoshop ram allocation set to? If it's beyond 60-70% on Windows, you may be starving Photoshop & the system...also note that antivirus and anti-spyware can steal processor clicks from the system, Photoshop as well as Camera Raw. We also need more info really other than "Windows", what OS, what processor? Are you running Camera Raw full screen on a large display?
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            Photoshop ram allocation is set to 70% This is on a dell 380 work station. Processor is Pentium D 930 dual core at 3 GHz, the OS is XP pro SP 2, Ram, 4 gig (4x1) DDR2-533 667MHz
            I checked the task manager processes field to see if my antivirus might be the cause, but that didn't show anything running. I was running Camera Raw in full screen mode on a large display (Sony GDF- 500R 21inch CRT)