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    Hasselblad RAW file to Jpeg conversion from ACR4. Problem.

    Dinarius Level 1

      I am trying to save Hasselblad 3f files as Jpegs using ACR4.

      I have already saved them as TIFFs and DNGs without problem.

      In addition, if I use Image Processor on the converted TIFFs in CS3, I can convert the files to Jpegs without a problem.

      However, in ACR4, when I try to save them as Jpegs, a small window opens headed:

      'Camera Raw Save Status', Remaining Images to Process (and a list of all the images appears.) Next to each file name is the line, "There was not enough memory."

      Even if I reduce the number of images to be converted to 5 or 6, I have the same problem.

      There are 4Gb RAM, plenty of HD space and no other program is open.

      I have tried increasing the ACR4 Cache size from the default 1Gb to 10Gb without any luck. I have also tried reducing CS3 RAM to 50% (though I always use ACR4 via Bridge and CS3 is NEVER open at these times.) and again no luck.

      ACR simply will not save Hasselblad files as Jpegs for me!

      Any idea what might be causing this?



      ps. This was previously posted here>

      PECourtejoie, "Error Message - "There was not enough memory." Help!" #6, 15 Apr 2008 12:50 am

      But, someone suggested posting a new thread with Hasselblad in the title, so here goes! ;-)