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    how to add a preset?

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      I am hoping a preset means saving a particular set of adjustments that i want to apply to future shots. if so,how do i add a preset? when i click on the little triangle drop down list, preset and apply preset is grayed out. do i need to look somewhere else?
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          Assuming you are talking about Camera Raw 4.x (it's useful to state the version you are using when asking questions), you navigate to the presets panel and click on the new preset...select the parameter subsets and name it. From then on it'll show not only in the presets panel but from within Bridge as well.
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            I apologize. i am on acr 4.3 and do not know were to navigate to a preset panel. here is were i am trying to add a preset, but its greyed out. <br /> <br /> <a href="http://www.pixentral.com/show.php?picture=1pD3Tg2ZBR6AsPyhMoBsjA4P1tpJ0" /></a> <img alt="Picture hosted by Pixentral" src="http://www.pixentral.com/hosted/1pD3Tg2ZBR6AsPyhMoBsjA4P1tpJ0_thumb.jpg" border="0" />
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              At the bottom of the Preset panel, not the flyout menu is an Add New Preset button...
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                It is the button that looks like a little, microscopic sticky note at the very bottom of the Presets tab/panel. You were there when you took your screen shot (that panel has the little slider bars on the tab).

                Alternatively, you can use the Save Settings... command shown on the fly-out menu that you were looking at in your screen print. Save Settings does the same thing but lets you save the PreSet anywhere. The little sticky note button on the Presets tab saves only to the default location. The Save Settings always suggests the default location initially (at least for me anyway) so it works almost as easy as the sticky note button.
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                  Thanks Jeff and Dennis. thats a small thing to spot below all that blank space.