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    ACR saving changes automatically?

      I'm an experienced stock nature photographer making the late switch to digital. I have CS3 with the latest ACR, using a Canon EOS 40D.

      When I choose images in Bridge to look at, they come up in ACR initially. I've played around with some of the simple adjustments in ACR, and when I exit, the changes show up in the Bridge thumbnails. In one case I cropped an image, carefully renamed it and saved it as a JPEG, and the crop shows up in the Bridge thumbnail. Same case yesterday - made various changes, exited without saving, and the Bridge thumbnail shows the changes. I'm assuming that the changes are recorded in a sidecar file, and that the CR2 file is unaltered. Is there a history tab I'm not seeing? Is it safe to work in ACR or should I go to Photoshop itself?

      Any good books with these things outlined?