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    Capture sharpening and  radius setting?

    Joseph Elfelt
      While I am getting better at sharpening per the Fraser-Schewe approach, I certainly still have a lot to learn.

      I understand that landscape shots should usually have a radius in the range of 0.5 to 0.8 for capture sharpening (source + content) in ACR.

      What are the most important factors to consider in selecting a radius in this range for capture sharpening of landscape shots? I don't think this topic was really addressed in the Real World Camera Raw - CS3 book.

      Yes, I will continue to experiment on my own, but some guidance would be most useful.

      BTW, my raw captures average 6MB (Canon Powershot S60, small sensor) and for landscape capture sharpening in ACR I am using radius=0.7, amount=60, detail=40.