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    ACR 4.3  xmp problem

      Sorry to repeat this request but its very important to me and I've had no replies on this topic.
      Am I to assume its just me and everyone thinks I should be aware of this situation or is it a problem no one has encountered?

      It would be very simple for someone to duplicate if you have a little free time. It's happening on two different machines.

      Would appreciate help on this if anyone has seen the problem.
      I use ACR 4.3 on windows XP Pro with CS3, 4 gig ram.
      My normal practice is to copy my CF cards to folders on the desktop, then
      drag each folder to Bridge to rough select the keepers.
      I then open the remaining images in ACR and make further deletions if

      When I delete images from the ACR screen, the X appears as normal but the
      sidecar.xmp file is not been deleted, only the NEF deletes.

      I can't recall having this problem before I upgraded to ACR 4,3 from 4,2.
      Perhaps it's a bug or I may have disturbed a setting in the preferences etc
      when I upgraded.

      Any ideas?