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    Camera Calibration - Fors script.

    Denis0943 Level 1
      Many months ago I ran the "Fors Script" in PS CS to obtain calibration for my Olympus E300 (support was provided for this camera in ACR 2.4) and this has worked well for me in Lightroom.

      I recently purchased an Olympus E510 (support provided in ACR 4.3.1) and need to produce calibration settings for this camera.

      a. Is it necessary/important that the script be run in PS CS3 bearing in mind that LR/ACR 4.4.1 has updated camera profiles?.

      b. Would I get the same result if I converted the .orf to .dng with the latest dng converter and run the script in PS CS?.

      c. Is it advisable to run a new calibration for the E300?.