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    Open JPG in ACR: sometimes I can, sometimes I can't

      Why is it that I can sometimes open JPGs in ACR, and other times I cannot? I seem to lose the ability to open JPGs, TIFs, and any non-RAW file in ACR based on some variable that escapes me. When I call Adobe, I'm usually told to trash the cache in my home folder, and that means having to wait while Bridge remakes every folder-full of previews. This is a colossal hassle. Does anyone know of a hard and fast way to make previews, keep them in the original folder, and maintain the ability to open files in ACR? I'd like to use ACR for the easy ability to edit, crop, tweak and process large amounts of casual JPG images (youth soccer photos). Adobe help is not helpful, as the solutions proposed are not exactly consistent, and the problem recurs.

      thanks, Daemon
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          I have never experienced your problem. What happens when you try to open them and how do you tell ACR or bridge to open them?

          I don't know if you realize that ACR does not change the image data in the jpeg file (or non RAW files) when you open and edit them in ACR, it stores the settings you make as metadata in the jpeg file. Other programs (except adobe programs)do not recognize this metadata and will not display the changes you made in ACR. You have to do a save as to a new jpeg file to have the edits applied to the actual image data in the jpeg file.

          But this applies to other programs, and how they will open a jpeg and not show the edits you made in ACR.

          I also shoot alot of soccer photos and have found Picasa2 to be a nice little fast and efficient program to edit and upload 100's to there Picasa Web Albums web site for sharing with the team. Both are free from google.

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            Some people have reported that when they have this problem, if they moved the JPEG to a different folder it will resolve the problem. Don't know why this is so, but that is what they have done and it has worked.