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    My new Canon MarkIII and CS2 are not compatible...

      Hi - I wish I could go into a camera shop or an Apple shop to get this sorted. But there are none where I live so I hope someone can help me. I have a legal version of CS2 and use a G5 mac. I'm a professional photographer and I want only to open my RAW pix in PS without converting via Digital Photo Professional or anything else. I never have my G5 hooked up to the internet and therefore have not imported latest versions of anything. I have tried an illegal CS3 and that cannot open my RAW files either so I am loathe to buy a legal version if it does not solve my problem. While I know both my camera and CS2 back to front I am not a computer geek. I have had a look through the forums but cannot find any answers. Chao and thanks. H
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          michael shaffer Level 1
          Adobe doesn't offer "forever" support for new cameras, except for offering an ongoing update for their DNG converter. So, to get your canon raw files to open with CS2 you need to download the most recent version of ACR+DNG. See:

          I cannot help too much, being more familiar with Windows, but the DNG converter does not need to be installed - it just simply works by pointing it at a folder of raw files.

          The version of CS3 you tried probably didn't install with the most recent version of ACR, which is why it didn't work with your Canon files. ACR v4 is much improved over v3 - you might consider CS3. Another option, for approximately the same price of upgrading to CS3, is Lightroom (v2 in beta test). It offers a slightly different approach to digital photography that includes a library (i.e., database approach as opposed to Bridge's "browser" approach).

          HTH :)
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            Dear Michael
            YOU have solved my problem that has been bugging me for the past 2 months!
            Thank you very much mate!