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    ACR import window position

      Hi - when I open ACR from Bridge the import window showing the selected file(s) opens as it should. My windows XP pro and PSCS3 are working for a good while already without problems. Starting a few days ago all the sudden this ACR window will open on my secondary monitor not on my primary monitor where it used to open.

      I was able to drag this window (always set to reduced window size) to the primary monitor but the setting apparently did not get stored and the next time I opened the window it was at the secondary monitor again. After a few times now the window even is locked in the full frame setting (or slightly larger placing the minimize and reduce buttons outside the monitor) and I can no longer reduce the window and move it.

      Unfortunate because I only have the primary monitor calibrated.

      Can I set or reset preferences for the position of the ACR window? I searched but did not find the settings. Bug or feature? :-P
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          Thomas Knoll Level 2
          Are you in full screen mode?
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            I use Bridge in partial window mode (not maximized, but covering almost all the monitor area of both monitors). I have it set up that I see the thumbnails of one selected folder in the right secondary screen and the detailed view of a selected image together with "explorer like" ("folders" and "metadata") overview of folders in the left primary display.

            When I open Camera Raw by double click on one image it opens ACR 4.41. It now covers the entire secondary monitor. It looks like full screen mode except it seems too large, just clipping the buttons on the right top to toggle full screen and reduced screen. I cannot grab the top of the ACR window to move it. ACR works fine I can use all settings.
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              >I cannot grab the top of the ACR window to move it.

              Sounds like you're in full screen mode...can you see the Full Screen toggle switch to the right of the Preview button? (left of the histogram) click that to get out of full screen and you should be able to resize the CR dialog. Note that you'll need a MINIMUM of 1024 x 768 pixel screen rez to use Camera Raw...

              As far as where the CR delog appears, that should be sticky between use...
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                Ok I went from 1280 to a 1600 resolution. then I was able to get out of full screen mode.
                Looks like ACR thought I use a higher resolution which is not the case since 1280x1024 is the native re. of my monitor.

                This also solved the problem that once I close ACR it comes back to the last position.

                Strange since it worked for quite some time.
                I remember now that also PS screens were crewed up when this started - but there I had a saved workspace to fall back to.

                Lets hope it stays OK now.
                Thanks for the quick response.