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    Retouching tool question

      Question about retouching from an ACR greenhorn:

      When viewing an image at 100% in the retouching window, how do I scroll around the image to inspect it for blemishes? The retouching window doesn't have scroll bars, and there don't appear to be hotkeys for reaching the hand tool from the retouching window.

      I can of course click on the hand tool, move the image, then click back on the retouching tool, but this has two disadvantages. One, it is very clumsy. Two, when ACR reactivates the retouching tool the toolbar obscures the top edge of the image, making it impossible to correct blemishes hidden by the toolbar.

      Any suggestions?

      Thank you,
      Andrew Slayman

      P.S. I am using ACR 4.4.1 with PS CS3 on Windows XP.