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    slight posterization when holding down the Exposure slider

      While holding down the Exposure slider while making a move, the preview image shows a slight posterization effect, which disappears once I release the slider. Click on the slider and move it slightly, the preview image immediately becomes slightly posterized,more noisy, becomes less noisy when I release the slider. (Same is true when using the up and down arrows to change the exposure - once I make a move with an arrow, the preview image becomes more contrasty/noisy, then calms down a second after making my last move.)I cannot be sure of the effect of moving the slider on exposure/noise until I have released the slider. Most apparent in underexposed areas, using a .75 increase in exposure.

      ACR 4.4, Nikon D300. Same thing happens with my Canon G9 files.
      XP SP2, Asus EAX1600 Pro video adapter