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    Calibration Settings

      Are you using the calibration settings in Camera Raw. If so, how did you arrive at them?
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          Greg Barnett Level 2
          Besides a lot of past posts on this forum - you might want to start here:


          Or to just get it done:

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            Michael Bailey Level 1
            Hi Bruce,

            Have a "for what it's worth." I'm not as sophisticated with the calibration settings as the Fraser book and some other posters recommend. I just tweak the red settings (plus 5 or so on the Hue, minus the same amount for Saturation), and leave them that way as defaults. These entries don't make a huge difference; they just tone down the ruddy red quality that digital cameras like to give skin.

            Note that making these changes in the Calibration window means that grays and overall color will not be affected, so you can still use a gray card or Macbeth Color Checker to set overall balance.