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    Unable to open Nikon D300 Raw in CS2. Why? How fix?

      I use Photoshop CS2, latest Vers. (9.0.2) and I have the Adobe Camera Raw latest update for CS2, vers. 3.7, installed, and confirmed via the help menu that it IS installed. I use Windows XP professional 5.1 serv. pack 2. Camera is a Nikon D300 which shoots RAW as well as JPG. I am unable to open camera raw ("NEF") photos. Get a message, "Could not complete your request because it is not the right kind of document."

      I have no clue why PS won't open the NEF. The only thing close on Adobe's help documents suggests that if I've installed Nikon's own Capture software, it could interfere. But I HAVE NOT installed that software, and have held off for exactly this reason to avoid any possible conflicts.

      I'd appreciate any help anyone can offer. Right now I'm frustrated beyond words both by the problem and by Adobe's online 'help.'