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    Saving more raw files as jpeg

      I have Photoshhop CS3 and Windows XP. I have saved a number of raw photos in Camera Raw as jpegs and have more to save. But now I get dialog box saying there is not enough memory to save. It can't be a hard storage issue as my hard drives are less than half full. What can I do?
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          Ramón G Castañeda Level 4
          Hard drive space is not memory. Memory is RAM.
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            With XP professional I've been getting a similar error report when I try to copy a half gig of files from my hard drive to a 2 gig flash drive (one of those sticks that fits in a USB drive). I'm told after the transfer of a third of the files from the object folder that the command failed. I googled this error message and wound up in the MS knowledge base, which told me to fix the problem by installing Service Pack #3. You may want to try that. However, I did that and I'm still getting the same error message as before. I describe my predicament to show you that you have partners in your frustration. If you find a fix for your problem, please be sure to post an answer here. Thanks.