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    Intermittent failures? NEF -->DNG via  ACR4.4.1 (Yikes.)


      I was really enjoying ACR 4.4.1 on Windows XP with PS3 and Bridge...until tonight.

      I've begun converting files individually from NEF to DNG by launching a NEF file from Bridge into ACR, editing it in ACR, then using ACR's "save file" to create a DNG copy.

      But about half the time, the DNG copy seems to come out quite messed up. The symptoms:

      1. The DNG converted copy loses metadata (e.g., ISO, shutter speed, bit depth, color mode, etc....MANY things are missing!).
      2. No thumbnail is available for the DNG version in Bridge.
      3. The default opening option has changed to "open with photoshop", instead of my original setting ("open with camera raw").

      What have I done wrong? I've tried purging the folder's cache. And I have plenty of processing resources.

      Hopefully it's just a case of "driver error", not an ACR bug...because I like this casual workflow a great deal.

      Thanks so much. I'll await your answer with baited breath!

      -- AS