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    PSE 6 with Raw 4.4.1 plugin, unrecognized file type

      Mac OS X 10.5.2, Photoshop Elements 6. Downloaded / ran Camera_Raw_4_4_1.dmg and put Camera Raw.Plugin in root\lib\Application Support\Adobe\Plug-ins\CS3\File Formats\.<br />When I try and open a *.CR2 image, I get "... does not recognize this file type", but when I select <Photoshop Elements, About plug-in, Camera Raw...> it recognizes version 4.4.1. Same result using Bridge.<br />Within PSE, If I select <File, Open> with All Documents Enabled / Photoshop Raw Format, *.CR2 opens as a dot pattern. Camera Raw Format I get "... file-format module cannot parse the file".<br /><br />I'm lost. Any idea what I'm doing wrong?<br /><br />Thanks,