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    Images in RAW darker than ANY OTHER PROGRAM!

      Windows XP and CS3

      Bridge is set to; Enable color management in Bridge
      RAW conversion is SRGB
      CS3 color settings/working space set to SRGB
      Print color management is set to SRGB and Photoshop manages colors
      Printer is set to "application manages colors" (HP B9180)(btw, I have also tried it set to SRGB)
      Image looks the same on Bridge, RAW conversion, CS3 and print screen (dark)Image looks LIGHTER when viewed with any other program (including windows picture and fax viewer, HP print program, Paint Shop Pro, Canon Zoombrowser and online) and prints to match the lighter image both on my HP and from my lab!

      The closest I have been able to get to a total sync is to set Photoshop's color settings to "Monitor color," and uncheck the box in Bridge that says "apply color management settings in Bridge." In that case, Bridge and CS3 produce a lighter image but RAW conversion is still darker.