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    PSE 5.0/RAW 4.4.1 - Intermittent thumbnails & opening of NEF

      A couple months ago I re-installed my Photoshop Elements 5.0 on a new computer. Today I noticed my Nikon NEF files showed broken thumbnails.
      It's been many months since I used NEF files, and I remembered that PSE needs the Camera RAW.8bi file. I downloaded RAW 4.4.1 and installed the file as described.

      Now odd things happen:
      1. The thumbnails for the NEFs still show up as broken in my PSE catalog.
      2. I can always open the NEF using Quick Edit or Full Edit.
      3. If I reboot & run PSE 5.0 then I can just click and view the NEF, but once I use Quick Edit or Full Edit then I can no longer click on the NEF thumbnail (broken) and view the file.
      4. Oddly, after I use Quick Edit or Full Edit (even without saving, just used CANCEL) I get a thumbnail show up in the catalog view. Once the thumbnail shows up, I can then open the file (to view) by double clicking the thumbnail.

      What's up. It was relatively smooth about a year ago. Have I forgotten something simple? The intermittent behaviour leads me to believe something new is at play and not just my newbie PSE Elements knowledge.

      Thanks for any help!