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    Unable to open D3 NEF in CS3 (Mac) and CS2 (Win)

      I have installed the latest Camera Raw Update file (Mac OSX 10.5.3), but when I try to open a nef-file that was taken with my Nikon D3, CS3 complains about an invalid file type - ??? Opening the same file in Nikon NX works without a problem. A friend of mine who still works with CS 2 on Windows XP (incl. Camera Raw 3.7) has the same problem.

      Any idea? Since Nikon NX is opening the file the problem can't come from the camera, right? I apreciate every tip! Thanks in advance.
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          I am unable to Import RAW images from Nikon D60 camera into Photoshop CS2.I have Windows XP home edition and 2 Gig RAM.
          Some one said that CS2 cannot work with the modern cameras.CS2 is not very old either.
          I appreciate any advise from any body.I am just starting out taking pictures with not much experience.
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            JimHess-8IPblY Level 3
            To answer the first question (from the first message), take a look at the installation instructions and make sure you have placed the plug-in in the exact folder. There is a user folder and a main (?) Folder that are named very similarly, and you must put the plug-in in the right one or it won't work. I apologize, but I have never used by Mac computer so my terminology may not be exactly right.

            As far as the second question is concerned, I don't believe the Nikon D60 was supported until after CS3 was released. Ongoing support for Camera Raw is only provided for the current version of Photoshop. Photoshop CS2 might not be very old from your point of view, but in software it is practically ancient history.

            The last version of Camera Raw that would work with Photoshop CS2 is version 3.7. If your camera is not supported in that version then you will either have to upgrade your version of Photoshop or else you can use the most current version of the DNG converter to convert your raw files to DNG files. Those can be opened in Photoshop CS2/Camera Raw 3.7.
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              dougleax Level 1

              Update the firmware on the camera.  That was the ojnly solution that worked for me.

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                JimHess-8IPblY Level 3

                Updating the firmware will not make the files compatible with a version of Camera Raw unless there is already support for that model.  There might have been a problem with the firmware that caused other problems which prevented the files from being opened, but it won't make Camera Raw automatically support a model that wasn't previously supported.