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    Camera Raw File does not open

      I use Adobe CS and Nikon D200.
      I tried to open the files and it said it was not the right file.

      I downloaded and installed the latest plug in for CS and it is still giving me the same error...

      Any ideas?
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          JimHess-8IPblY Level 3
          There is no support for your camera with Photoshop CS and Camera Raw 2.4. There will never be raw support for that camera in Photoshop CS. However, if you have downloaded and correctly installed Camera Raw 2.4, then you can download the current version of the DNG converter. This program will allow you to convert your raw images to DNG (Digital negative) files. And you will be able to open those using Photoshop CS and Camera Raw 2.4.

          You should be aware that there have been many enhancements to Camera Raw since version 2.4. Although you will have raw support using the DNG files, you will be missing many capabilities.