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    Burnt out whites with blue, green or yellow colour casts

      I have noticed that sometimes when I take pictures with my Fuji S20 Pro of scenes with overcast skies, and view them in Bridge and ACR that the dark greys end up with a deep blue colour cast and the whites in places are completely burnt out and part of the whites have a deep yellow or green colour cast. I thought at first that the pictures were over exposed so to counter the problem I would under expose by about 2 stops to correct it and then in ACR I would then have to brighten it up by 2 stops. I tried the same correctly exposed pictures in Fuji's Camera raw program and found that they were correctly exposed and had no colour casts. I then tried the pictures on a friends computer with Photoshop Elements and found there was the same problem. The same problem was very apparent when I took some pictures of a very light pink Peony yesterday, but I have taken pictures in the same lighting conditions with white cars and white buildings with no problems.
      I think that the problem lies with ACR as the pictures reproduce in Fuji's native program and my camera has had the CCD replaced recently.
      Anyone having the same problem or any ideas how to overcome it