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    Camera Raw Workflow options


      when i open jpag (or tiff) in camera raw Workflow options,
      i have option to size image.

      may question it's: if i choose the large size, what hapen to
      may image - interpolation like in Ps?

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          Ramón G Castañeda Level 4
          Hi Koki,

          Yes if you choose any of the options marked with a plus sign (+ upsample) or a minus sign (- downsample), the image will be interpolated.
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            1. the nterpolated in camera raw it's aseme thing like in Ps, or beter?

            2. what nterpolated camera raw choose: bicubic or bicubic smoother?

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              MadManChan2000 Adobe Employee
              CR is using a different resampling algorithm (different from bicubic and bicubic smoother).
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                01af Level 1
                I don't know which algorithm Camera Raw uses ... but the result of the upsampling is virtually the same as Bicubic Smoother in Photoshop. Except for one thing: Camera Raw's upsampling will add tiny ringing artifacts to the result; Photoshop's won't. The artifacts are bright, horizontal or vertical, 1-pixel-wide lines along sharp, high-contrast edges. So for perfect results I recommend to convert the raw image to its native size in Camera Raw, then do the upsizing in Photoshop using the resampling method Bicubic Smoother. Before upsizing, apply some gentle source or capture sharpening.

                However those ringing artifacts are really
                i very
                small; it takes a very close look at high magnification to notice. In most cases they'll go unnoticed. So you may decide not to care. However they tend to get emphasized by subsequent sharpening.

                -- Olaf
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                  when i open in CR and chooce large size it's not
                  good like in PS option bicubic smoother in asema parameter?

                  it's normal?