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    Hue Saturation Luminance sliders in CR4.1


      Having just posted problems I was having with printing that I thought were due to some aspect of my colour management policies and/or my LCD monitor when tilted, I traced back my editing to the original DNG image and discovered something. As a result i have a simple question:

      1. I know that all adjustments in RAW are global - no problem. But what I want to know is this; When adjusting the luminance values of say in my case the Yellow slider, is this affecting even the yellow values in all the colours of the image? It appears so but I had assumed maybe wrongly that this particular slider and option would have only affected literally the yellow colour, and not the Yellow VALUES in the blues and greys and greens.

      Have I now learned something or is this assumption also wrong.

      the original problem had to do with a slightly darker print but also a slightly yellow colour cast which COULD NOT BE SEEN on my monitor even when proofing. The RGB values revealed otherwise by a lack of blue values in the RGB info palette, and its opposite, much higher Yellow values in the CMYK info palette.
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          >is this affecting even the yellow values in all the colours of the image?

          Yes...although the strongest impact will be in the more narrow band of the yellow (or which ever slider/s you are using) moving the slider impacts all areas where this is a yellow component.
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            Hi, as far as matching colours of images, I would never use Hue saturation, In fact The hue saturation sliders are really a very crude means of adjustment, even as a layer. I would use the APPLY IMAGE command under Image.

            Ok, Jeff, I can not find post 8, i am probably stupid but I do not see how to get to post 8. As far as your question is concerned about ACR and PS differences; I have never really compared them. Apart from the fact in acr every adjustment you make is global, whereas in PS you can mask out and use layers and target areas to be adjusted. I would imagine that there would not be any fundemental difference in the two. One is manipulating th esame information in both packages. Now if you were to ask me to compare say the HSL sliders of photoserif 11 and ACR then I would choose ACR. the reason being is that PS is a professional package and Serif is not. I began with Serif.

            But please let me see your first question (8) maybe I ma missing something.

            Bets Regards

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              MadManChan2000 Adobe Employee
              Freeagent, the color noise reduction tool in CR should reduce color noise while minimizing false colors on color boundaries. Give that a try.

              I'm not familiar with the PS color math for hue/sat controls but I'm pretty sure that the actual math is different. Ultimately you should be able to use either to get the effect you're after, as long as you're doing fairly global adjustments. For example, you can't use this set of HSL controls to make different changes to different saturation ranges (less saturated vs more saturated reds, for instance). You can use the DNG Profile Editor to do that, if you're interested in those sorts of tweaks. (If using Lightroom 2 an alternative is to use a localized color adjustment.)