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    Picture corruption - color bar on right side.

      My basic setup is as follows.

      Running XP Pro and Photoshop CS3 (including Camera Raw plugin 4.4.1)
      Run above software with color management profiles for 2 monitors, LG L1710B (1280 x 1024 resolution) and Eizo CE210W (widescreen display) (1680 x 1050 resolution).
      Display adapter is Radeon X1600, with Catalyst Control Centre and driver (maintained up-to-date with latest release).

      The observed problem exists ONLY when running Photoshop CS3 (although RAW files are accessed also by other software).

      Under Photoshop, RAW files may be opened in one of 2 ways.
      A) Opened in Camera Raw through Bridge CS3:
      B) Opened in Camera Raw through Photoshop CS3:

      All RAW images opened under Bridge CS3 display perfectly on both monitors.
      Images opened under Photoshop CS3 and displayed on the L1710B monitor are satisfactory.

      All RAW images opened under Photoshop CS3 and displayed on the Eizo C210W monitor show the fault. Please note this relates ONLY to RAW images - no problem with tif or jpg. Also, when the picture is later saved (as tif or jpg),it does not contain the erroneous color band - the problem appears to be one of diplay only!

      To explain the fault: the defect appears as a vertical stripe positioned on the right side of the PICTURE area, of slightly different brightness/color shade to the main part of the displayed picture.

      I have referred the problem as fault report to:
      1. AMD re Radeon adapter/driver and Catalyst: they have investigated over a 4 week period, and reply that the problem is elsewhere.
      2. EIZO re Monitor (no separate driver outside of Windows), who say the problem is not monitor related.
      3. Adobe re Photoshop, who relate the matter to AMD as supporters of the display driver.
      4. AMD have (in the past) suggested that it is not a problem for referral to Microsoft!

      Therefore STALEMATE! How do I get this resolved?

      After long and careful tests I have undertaken, I have a theory on the cause of the problem which goes so:-

      I believe the image on the Eizo is properly being color corrected with the color profile applicable for that monitor. However, I believe the size of the color correction mask being applied is being taken from the screen parameters of the L1710B display. This results in a color correction "overlay" area of 1280 x 1024 being imposed on the Eizo screen of 1680 x 1050 - justified from the left edge. This causes a strip on the right edge of (1680-1280) 400 to appear non-color corrected! In actual practice, the position of the left edge of the color stripe does appear 3/4 way across the screen, which supports this postulation! Also, if I vary the color profile, the screen effect (tone wise) does slightly change, causing the stripe to either more or less prominent.

      I would personally conclude the matter to be within Photshop CS3. The fact that the RAW module running under Bridge produces NO PROBLEM, while the (same) RAW module running under Photoshop produces the fault suggests to me that the RAW module is being preconditioned in a different way by the respective softwares.

      I will be pleased to benefit from thoughts of others - and also to receive ideas as to where I should next direct my fault reports.

      While I am at lease able to view/process RAW files through the Bridge route, in an ideal world I should be able to do the same though Photoshop!

      Thanks - Eric