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    Abobe RAW 4.5 - Cannot rename old file to install new Camera Raw.8bi

    MD Miller Level 1
      I downloaded and extracted the new raw file, 4.5.
      However, I am not able to rename, move, or delete the current Camera Raw.8bi file.

      I am told that access is denied or the file is in use (my folders are not write protected and I am the Admin on my machine).

      I have warm rebooted, cold rebooted, and even stopped the process of PhotoshopElementsFileAgent.exe.

      Nothing is working. How can I get access to the .8bi file so I can replace it. My PSE 6 does not offer me any updates in their update menu.

      My Lightroom 2.0 says it has camera raw 4.5 already (I think it is imbedded with LR2, right?)


      West Hartford, CT