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    Camera Raw Plug-in Won't Work in a new Photoshop CS 2 Installation

      For the past 3 years, Ive used Photoshop CS2 with the Camera Raw 2.4 plug-in to open and edit the images from my Canon Powershot G6 (on a Compaq Presario) and I never had any problems. However, I just got a relatively new computer (a Dell Optiplex GX 620, which also runs XP and has the latest updates) and when I installed Photoshop (from the installation CD) and put the 2.4 plug-in into the File Format, it wouldnt work--despite trying to make it work (i.e., remove and reinstall Photoshop) three times. [Every other aspect of Photoshop works perfectly.] Now I cant open any raw images (old ones or new ones that I download from my card reader). I always get a message that "the plug-in isnt compatible with this version of Photoshop." This doesnt make sense because it WAS compatible for the last 3 years! Ive tried replacing the version 2.4 Camera Raw plug-in with the version 3.7 but I got the same message; I even tried replacing it with the original plug-in (the one thats 3964 KB); no luck. I NEED to be able to open raw images for my job. Why do you think I cant? And what can I do to make it happen? (Thank you in advance for your help.)