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    DNG Profile Editor suggestion

      Dear Eric and gang,

      Love the DNG Profile Editor, looking forward to the update.

      One suggestion: Look at changing the file navigation logic. Like most, I expect, my DNG files are stored in a folder nested several deep on a secondary drive. But the profiles need be in a different folder, nested several deep on the primary drive so ACR can find them. It's kind of a pain to navigate to the DNG folder, do the profiling, and then navigate to the profile folder for the save. And then navigate back to the DNG folder to start over.

      Either maintain different default folders (last used) for DNGs, recipies, and profiles, or as a compromise support drag and drop. Would not mind keeping a Windows Explorer window open and dragging DNG's to the Profile Editor if the subsequent profile save would remain pointing at the profile folder.
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          MadManChan2000 Adobe Employee
          Hi Kelly, thanks for the suggestion. PE does not currently maintain preferences between sessions (i.e., between quitting and restarting PE). But within a given session it will (should) remember your directory paths separately for your DNG images and the profiles. For example, if you open a DNG image from wherever your DNG images are, then choose "Export ..." from the File menu, the Export dialog box should default to the correct install location for the profiles. If you then close the image and open another DNG, it should default to the same directory from which you opened the previous DNG.
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            Level 1
            Thanks Eric, and apologies. I retested folder navigation and it does work as you describe, which is OK. It appears PE defaults to the Adobe preferred profile folder for profiles each time it launches. If you export a profile somewhere other than the Adobe preferred folder, next time you launch PE if goes back to the Adobe preferred. Makes sense.

            But if you export a profile and then close PE, the next time you launch the default folder for DNGs is the Profile folder. I think that's what confused me. When I first started I generated a lot of profiles to test. Each time I would close everything, since I had to close and relaunch Bridge/CS3 so ACR would find the new profiles. So each time I relaunched PE I had to do a lot of navigation to get back to my DNGs. Now I know to just leave PE open.

            Not a big deal, but drag and drop would be nice.