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    Adobe Updater hangs, never finishes installing

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      The Adobe Updater (Adobe CS3), will download the necessary files, and then start the installation, but will hang during the PatcherApplication portion of the install. It will literally hang for hours. I just have to quit it, and then it asks if I would like to continue with the other installations, and the same exact thing will happen. It just hangs...

      I have:

      Repaired permissions
      Removed the installer folders
      Attempted to use the Adobe Updater in root
      Used the uninstaller on the same DVD I used to install the suite (checked remove all application preferences also), restarted, reinstalled, restarted, and then tried to update again.

      Same thing..

      Activity Monitor will always show two open "Adobe Software Update"s, but one of them is labeled "not responding", which I assume is the patcher application that opens along with the Adobe Updater, which is when the progress bar stops. Console doesn't seem to report any errors.

      Adobe Create Suite Standard CS3
      Dual 1.8 G5
      3 GBsRAM
      Has internet, I'm doing this remotely via ARD.
      All other machines in the office updated just fine, same network, same OS.

      If I just have to manually find them all, download them and install that way, I suppose I can try that. Just seemed pretty darn silly to have this completely be broken without a simple fix.

      Thanks in advance.
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