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    Flash / EPS needs

      I want to build 3 features into a web application that require Flash and/or the manipulation of EPS / AI files . I'm not sure if this is the right forum or if Adobe has the applications at all but I would appreciate any advice / direction you can give me!

      NEED 1 - Flash Previewer/Browser of HTML
      I want to have a flash tool / app / player within my HTML website that allows users to read and fully render a single html page (and any images in that page) from a given URL and then lets users preview and if possible navigate (by simulating the clicking on hyperlinks) between pages. It would be kind of like an embedded flash browser within the normal IE/Firefox browser and webpage. The Backboard.com tool is similar to what I'm looking for but doesn't seem to allow navigation (and I want to embed this as part of my own application so Backboard.com is not an option). Ideally (and this is a very nice to have) the flash would show ajax / mouse-overs / flash etc although. Basically the goal is to let customers preview.

      Does Adobe / another provider have something I can purchase or a library I can use to build this?

      NEED 2 - Displaying EPS files as JPGs
      I want users to be able to upload an EPS/AI/PSD file and for the web app to generate a JPG view of that file. I've seen a product called 'WebSupergoo' (www.websupergoo.com). Does adobe have something similar? Is websupergoo built off an adobe library?

      NEED 3 - Modifying text in EPS files
      I want to give users the ability to modify the type of font and text in EPS/AI files (say files that contain a business card design and the text). Ideally, users could upload font files (.ttf) so custom fonts could be displayed. This is similar functionality to what is used on font sites (like dafont.com) where you can preview some custom text of a given font - but I require it to be added to an EPS file. Is this possible? What is required?