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    flashplayer not working with IE

      My flash player has stopped working with the IE browser I can't play media players or even read documents please help.
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          dougclutter Level 1
          Good luck. I've had this problem since the 9f release and Adobe doesn't seem to care.

          Try the Mozilla browser, it works for me.

          Your mileage may vary...but my problem seems to be related to user permissions. Have you tried logging in as the local machine administrator? In my case, it works when I login as the local machine admin (machinename\administrator) but NOT when I login as a domain user (domainname\user).

          Ironically, the (domainname\user) is in the Administrators group on the local machine....but it doesn't help me.

          Sorry...this turned into laundry list of my complaints. Hope something I share helps you in some way. :)
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            same problem here - I've had it ever since flash 10 showed up. My 2 cents worth - Adobe has gone from being a pioneering company with superb software (e.g. PDF, Flash, Photoshop/Illustrator) to being a creator of bloated, ridiculously expensive software.