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        BobLevine MVP & Adobe Community Professional

        Given that it's working on another machine, I would try swapping out the DVD drive if you have a spare.



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          Legacys7 Level 1

          A couple of questions. Number one, your E drive, is it a cd rom drive or a external drive? If your cd rom is only recognizing the 2nd cd, then it is probably a bad cd where it reads so far and then can't read past that point. It's kind of like when you have a cd that has a scratch in the middle, the cd will read the media before the scratch but will get stuck once it gets to the scratch.


          But you also said that your other computer can read it. Some cd rom readers can actually read a bad cd. I want to say that your reader is bad, but since you confirmed that the rom can read the first cd, I'm going to wager that it's your 2nd cd. You can also try to reformat your computer, sometimes that may be the problem. You might have a conflict with other software or virus that is keeping it from reading. Or try hooking up an external drive to your computer.


          When was the last time that you ran a virus scan? That is, if you're running Windows. Keep in mind too, CS4 do have some issues, a couple of issues that I had in the past and one is currently going on, CS4 suddenly viewed my software as a unregistered software and wouldn't allow me to use it. Very weird. But what I had noticed at the time was I had downloaded the beta version of Windows Office 2010. That might of caused the conflict because I didn't have the issue before that.


          My 2nd problem that still exist is in my DreamWeaver part; when I go into my CSS,html etc. properties to change the color background, the tear drop/color selector will open up, prompting me to select a color checker box, but when I do, it won't execute the move, it'll keep opening up the box for me to check a color. The only way that I can get around that damn headache is by typing in the color code number. The other areas with similar features, I don't have that problem with the color picker, it's just in the properties menu. Something that I sat on the phone with Adobe trying to get fix for two hours and nothing was resolved.


          Shame, seeing that they're announcing the latest CS5 but haven't fixed the bugs in the CS4. That's too much money for people to experiencing these issues.

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            It's a DVD drive. I heard the idea of copying the disc to an external hard drive then installing from there, but I haven't got one, and the laptop can burn DVDs. I'll run a virus scan, maybe defragment the hard drive, and try again.


            @Bob: I haven't got a spare, but I might be able to borrow one in the next day or two. Thanks for the help so far.

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              Legacys7 Level 1

              Before you format your drive, I'd highly recommend that you use an external usb DVD drive. See if that is your problem. Your DVD drive may just be bad and can't read it. Try the easy steps first and them try the major stuff. 

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                  Priory Woods Eduprint

                  I've been around the houses a few times trying to re-install my CS4 after getting "Error with Setup Msg", did a lot of what's suggest in this thread, with no luck.


                  What finally worked for me was upgrading my Windows installer, in a bit of a durrrrrr that was so obvious moment.


                  Anyway here's the link...




                  Hope this helps anyone else trawling the web looking for a solution to CS4 installer problems on Windows XP

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                    Attempting to install Adobe After Effects CS4 (trial) but I keep getting the error "Critical errors were found in setup.  Please see the setup log for details."  I have tried out numerous things on forums but to no avail.




                    Error Log (where error occurs):



                    [    2148] Thu Jan 20 19:32:07 2011 FATAL

                    Critical errors were found in setup

                    TypeError:'undefined' is null or not an object

                    Please see the Setup log file for details.

                    [    2148] Thu Jan 20 19:34:06 2011  INFO


                    END - Installer Session







                    2.56 GB free space and slaved hard drive with 30 GB free


                    NVIDIA GeForce 8400 GS


                    AMD Athlon(tm) 64 X2 Dual Core Processor 4800+


                    Windows XP SP2




                    Problem was fixed by creating a new user



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                      i downloaded ae cs4 trial on my system windows 7 32 bits, they told open adobe patch installer and follow the instructions....

                      but when i opened the patch installer it show's that it was not updated.........

                      wht to do.....,i download the file in .zip format...........

                      give me an link to download cs4+ in 32bits windows 7 ulitmate..........

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