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        swdweb Level 1
        Start your task manager and look under processes, if you see anything there for internet explorer or iexplore or anything like that, end the process and it should work fine :)
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          Thanks to Cemal's post I've determined an approach that has allowed me to finally complete my installation of Adobe Web Premium CS4, having started it well over 6 weeks ago.

          But first, I shall join the above disgruntled folks by voicing my extreme frustration with this installation process. I've owned every version of Illustrator since it first appeared as "Illustrator 88" and have been a user of Photoshop since it first appeared under that name having formerly been a bit of 35mm scan software called "Barney Scan." I've owned Macs and PCs and am old enough to have carnal knowledge of setting jumper pins on ISA boards in x486 PCs running Windows 3.1. This being said, I have never run into installation problems as severe as when I attempted to upgrade my Macromedia Studio 8 and Photoshop/Illustrator CS2 to the Web Premium CS4 on an XP Pro/SP3 Core2Duo PC.

          The first issue concerned the DVDs which arrived scratched. With some cajoling, Adobe did send replacements. So far, ok.

          I next attempted to install CS4, and as many people above have noted - it would get to approx. 90% on the first DVD and then freeze. I tried all posted options (uninstall and reinstall, uninstall and use of Adobe provided install clean-up script then reinstall) until I broke down to call Adobe support.

          I took a deep breath and let the support folks cover all the ground I'd already covered. No help. I wrote down my case number and shook my head as I heard their only advice, "You'll have to uninstall ALL ADOBE APPLICATIONS - and the Macromedia Ones Too."

          I tried one last round of uninstall, reinstall, Adobe install script, reboot, cursing and prayer. No option but to start uninstalling everything, disabling my production machine, and even uninstalling Adobe software (Captivate) that was not part of the CS4 installation.

          Today I finally found the 3 hours to sit down and try the installation again, having removed all Adobe products from the machine.

          The installation failed again, albeit differently.

          I searched again on "Adobe CS4 Installation Problems" and found MANY new posts on the web since I started this process over a month ago. At least now I was not alone with these issues.

          It was Cemal's posts above (and his very helpful blog posting on the subject) that provided me with one last option: Copy everything from the DVD to the hard drive and try installing it from there.

          I do have SQL server installed on this machine (I do web development as well, so running SQL is not unusual, Adobe) - but thought I would try the HD install before further gutting my PC apps.

          I created two folders on an auxilliary drive (my "M:\" drive) and copied the contents of the fist two DVDs into them. This took quite a while, but since there were no copy errors, I eliminated that as an issue.

          I started the installation, which does run much quicker from the HD. When the installer asked for the 2nd DVD, I was puzzled as to why it couldn't find it having named the folders exactly what the DVD label was for each original disc. Then it occured to me that the installation was looking for information here:


          not here:

          M:\Adobe CS4 Web Premium Disc 2\

          So, I moved the contents of the "disc 2" folder into the root of "M:\" and Zoom! Off went the installer with the rest of the process!

          This installation still generated errors, and Photoshop, Illustrator and Flash failed to install.

          I simply rebooted and started the process over again. I made sure that all the apps were checked for inclusion in the installation process and started the installation.

          This time, since all the content for disc 2 was already in the root of the drive, it never asked for the rest of the information.

          This is handy to know, although if we ever get to a 3-disc installation I'm not sure how that will work.

          So, another thing for anyone stuck with a failing installation to try.

          I now have functioning versions of Illustrator, Photoshop, Dreamweaver, Flash and everything else EXCEPT for Adobe Soundbooth which continues to fail the installation each time.

          Hope this helps.
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            teetime17 Level 1
            I think I read most of the posts here and my problem was a bit different so I'll record it here in case someone else has the same issue. I installed CS4 Production Premium Suite on Vista Home Premium, 64 bit.

            First, I ran into the problem reported elsewhere where the Autorun script is incorrect on disks 2-4. I turned off autoplay for programs and games, uninstalled CS4 with Revo, and tried again, manually starting disk 1. At the end of disk 2 it threw a "Thank you" dialog as if it had finished, but of course none of the main apps had installed since they are on disks 3 and 4. I uninstalled again with Revo, unplugged from the network, turned off Mcafee, and performed a custom install, omitting Adobe media player as suggested elsewhere in this thread. This time the install went smoothly all the way through. I DO have SQL server, LightRoom2 and Photoshop CS2 installed on my pc, and didn't touch any of those. Knock on wood, all seems ok at the moment.

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              I was having the blue screen (Kernel_Stack..) error while installing the Design Premium suite. I couldn't even get half way through disc 1. I've tried all the suggestions mentioned for the past few days and no results. This morning after once again going removing everything that was able to be installed I decided to start over choosing the option of installing it as a Trial this time around. It worked flawlessly. It went through both discs with no problems at all. If nothing else works for you then I suggest giving the Trial install a try and just activating everything after that.
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                Gigi Lusuardi - Italy
                I have uninstalled Photoshop CS4. Now with a subsequent installation, leaving a popup error attributable to "setup.exe". What should I do?
                S.O. Windows XP with service pack 2.
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                  I am trying to install CS4 Master and when I get ready to install it says insufficient space needed for install which is 8.6GB for the full Collection I believe. On my main hard drive all I have is 1.5 GB left but on my other 2 hard drives I have 80+ GB worth of space on both. I change the location but it still says there is not enough space. Please help! What do I need to do?
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                    BobLevine MVP & Adobe Community Professional
                    One post is enough.

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                      Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)
                      You need to free space on the C:\ drive. All of the common components wind up there, no matter what location you tell the installer for the applications.
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                        Thanks, sorry Bob didn't mean to post twice.
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                          I just installed Photoshop CS4. The installation went without a hitch, but when I go to use Photoshop, I get the message: "Adobe Photoshop CS4 encountered a problem and needs to close" etc. I reinstalled it, but the same thing happened.

                          Error Signature is AppName: Photoshop.exe AppVer ModName Photoshop.exe
                          ModVer Offset: 00060039

                          I don't know if that info will help. Can anyone out there help me?


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                            I'm trying to install trial version of Adobe flash CS4 that I downloaded from Adobe's site.
                            After 90% loading setup window display for less than a second and after the installation process is stuck.
                            I tried everything mention above with no luck.
                            I have 2G RAM, 4 CPU, Nvidia8600, 100G free HD.

                            What is wrong??????????????????????
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                              I'm trying to install trial version of Adobe flash CS4 that I downloaded from Adobe's site.
                              After finishing 90% of checking profile, a loading setup window is displayed for less than a second and after the installation process is stuck.
                              I tried everything mention above with no luck.
                              I have winXP SP3, 2G RAM, 4 CPU, Nvidia8600, 100G free HD.

                              Any idea?
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                                Just received a new Dell Studio XPS 435T system. Has the i7 computer core, 12G memory, ATI 4870 video card, and Vista 64 Home Premium. Bought this machine because I thought my CS4 Production Premium apps would achieve optimal performance. (Previously, my CS4 apps were installed under 32bit XP Pro.) To my dismay, I couldn't get past the dreaded "Setup Error" message. Read most of the internet posting regarding CS4 installation problems with Vista 64. Cemal had the most logical solution to the problem and I tried to follow his procedure, but it just didn't seem to work in my case. I thought I would convey my experiences on getting CS4 to install. (BTW, I downloaded my copy of CS4 through the Adobe store.)

                                I was in the "Computer Management" - "Services and Applications" looking for Flexnet and MS licensing service. Already removed MS-SQL though control panel. When doing those things didn't work, I said what the heck, I'll open "Event Viewer"-"Application" logs. the logs gave the following:
                                Information log:

                                Windows Installer installed the product. Product Name: Adobe Setup. Product Version: 2.0. Product Language: 0. Installation success or error status: 1603.

                                Error log:

                                Product: Adobe Setup -- Error 1334. The file '_1_42924ff8bf17e177e9b56e18b7ada12e' cannot be installed because the file cannot be found in cabinet file 'WinBootstrapper1.cab'. This could indicate a network error, an error reading from the CD-ROM, or a problem with this package.
                                From the Information log, the dreaded 1603 error.

                                From the error log, _1_42924ff8bf17e177e9b56e18b7ada12e file in WinBootstrapper1.cab could not be found. I opened the cab file in the Adobe CS4 subdirectory to see if the missing file was actually missing. Yep, it wasn't there. Installing under XP didn't have this problem. Again, what the heck. I remembered that the Adobe Encore CS4 installation directory had a WinBootstrapper1.cab file. I opened that up. Lo and behold - the missing file was the first file listed in the Adobe Encore CS4 cab file. So, Setup.exe in the Adobe CS4 subdirectory was looking for the file that was actually in the Encore CS4 subdirectory. Too many possibilities to figure what was really happening. So, I deleted the subdirectories "Adobe Encore CS4" and "Adobe CS4". I then reconstructed "Adobe CS4" subdirectory from the "ADBEPPROCS4_Cont_LS7.7z" and "ADBEPPROCS4_Cont_LS7.7z.exe" files I downloaded from the Adobe Store. (So, if Adobe tech support tells you to copy your files from the DVD to the harddrive - just don't copy the Adobe Encore CS4 subdirectory. Since I don't have a DVD copy, I don't know where the Adobe Encore CS4 subdirectory is located.)

                                I re-ran the setup program. (No selective startup, no registry cleaning, etc.) To my delight, it installed without a hitch. Started Photoshop, After Effects, Premiere Pro; they all seem to work as expected.

                                Hope this helps other people to get their Adobe Production Premium product installed. (If you're just installing one product or other product suite, look in the error logs to see what is happening. It may just tell you enough information to get things working - unlike the Adobe Support Advisor. One thought would be is that if you have other Adobe products installed, the setup app might open the first winbootstrapper cab file that it finds and give an installation error if it isn't the correct one. - Maybe the reason why Adobe wants you to uninstall all other Adobe products. Just a thought.)
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                                  What a HORRIBLY WRITTEN INSTALLER. The fact that you cannot change the install target folder is a complete joke, adobes installer team should be fired for releasing such a piece of cr@p. I have spent 3 hours trying to help a friend troubleshoot his installation, which is only failing because his c: does not have enough space (1 gig should be PLENTY to copy archive files and extract them to the target drive), and only because Adobe programmers do not know what the hell they are doing. It looks like millions of other people are having the same problems and worse. I've been reading messages of people (granted they are not IT Technicians but you shouldnt have to be) taking them a month or more to get this POS installed. Seeing how badly written this installer is, and considering Gimp will do everything I need now and its FREE, I will never buy an adobe product ever again, and I've been using Photoshop since 3.05. And as a technician I will advise all of my clients as well as co-workers to stay away from CS4, and all other adobe bloatware. DON'T RELEASE A PRODUCT THIS BAD IF YOU WANT TO KEEP CUSTOMERS.
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                                    BobLevine MVP & Adobe Community Professional
                                    If your friend only has one gig of free space and you think that's
                                    enough for ANYTHING you're sadly mistaken.

                                    • 95. Re: CS4 Installation Problems
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                                      did you ever get help with this problem? I'm going through the exact same thing right now and would appreciate any input. Thank you
                                      • 96. Re: CS4 Installation Problems
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                                        I discovered that my drawing tablet was clashing with Photoshop CS4, and it would not open until I updated my drawing tablet driver. Even then, Photoshop will only open when the drawing tablet is turned off. Once Photoshop opens I can then turn on the tablet, and both work fine. So, I'm satisfied with that solution, and won't fool around with it any more. I hope that might help someone else with a similar problem.
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                                          Vatsea, I did not get "help" that actually "helped" me. In fact all the help they gave me turned out to be wrong or ill advised. I am VERY glad that I did not follow their last couple of "fixes". I am convinced that those suggestions would not have helped me at all and left me with no running copy of Photoshop.

                                          As I outlined elsewhere in this forum and also on my Web site, I found the solution that worked for me and a few others, judging by their posts here and on my site. If you like to read them on my site, the address is (there are several posts related to CS4):
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                                            Wow, this thread is depressing. I just got a new Vista 64 bit system up and running and sitting here with my CS4 Production premium box trying to figure out what the best way is to ATTEMPT to install it!!!
                                            I have no previous Adobe products on this PC other than Adobe reader.

                                            I normally like to find out about any install problems before installing a major program. But after reading this, I am not sure if there is a pro-active process I can go through to try to get a successful install. Bad install scripts? Pointing to wrong files? Are you kidding me????

                                            Any tips would be most appreciated! I have read the keptlight posts and that seems helpful. But no one solution seems to help everyone. Seems hit and miss... And of course any adobe patch does not help you with the install problem! I remember issues with CS3 too..

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                                              I just noted that the keptlight post was on design premium. Other posts here are on CS4. Are the issues similar for each suite?
                                              I'm trying with Production Premium...

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                                                Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

                                                People who DON'T have trouble installing generally don't post here. What you see is a small minority of the users who have tried to install CS4.

                                                My advice is to turn off antivirus (which you should do with any install) and any software firewalls, messengers, browser toolbars, scanner drivers, etc, then run the installer and make sure you install to the progra~2 folder (that's the 32-bit program files folder).

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                                                  BobLevine MVP & Adobe Community Professional
                                                  Just pop in the DVD and install it. With Vista 64 it's highly advised to
                                                  accept the default installation location to make sure that 64 and 32 bit
                                                  programs are installed properly.

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                                                    Thanks. As one of those that has had problems with Adobe installations before, I guess I typically am one of the minority! :)

                                                    I guess based on the comments my impression that all the components of production premium took advanatage of a 64 bit OS are not entirely accurate.

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                                                      I have just started my Illustrator CS4 install. Why does CS4 insist on installing to "C:\program files\adobe"? There is no way for me to install it to another directory! I can select WHAT to install, but not where.

                                                      • 104. Re: CS4 Installation Problems
                                                        Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)
                                                        You should have had a "Change directory" or similar option somewhere on that screen. As I recall, it wasn't the most obvious thing to find.

                                                        Even selecting another location will not keep everything off the C: drive. Common files, of which there are many, even if installing only one application, will be put in the Program Files\Common Files\Adobe folder regardless.

                                                        • 105. Re: CS4 Installation Problems
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                                                          I found the one for Photoshop when I installed that one, but the Illustrator install does not have one.

                                                          I copied the installation to the HD and found the deployment.xml file with the supplied "c:\Program Files\Adobe" string in it. I replaced it with my own and then restarted the installation, but it still insists on putting the installation in "c:\Program Files\Adobe".

                                                          I don't have a problem with space on C:\, so Adobe can put common files there (ARRGH!! makes OS installation drives useless), but I still want to install it in my programs drive.
                                                          • 106. Re: CS4 Installation Problems
                                                            Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)
                                                            I've never really understood why people are reluctant to put programs on the system drive.

                                                            I keep data on a separate drive, that gets backed up nightly, but OS and all programs are on C:, and get backed up weekly and they seldom change more often than that. If your C: drive fails, having programs on another drive won't help you a bit unless you are restoring from an image, in which case it's not a lot bigger job to keep the program files on the OS drive and image the whole thing. If you are forced to install Windows from scratch you'll need to reinstall all your applications again, too.

                                                            Many programs, and I'm not pointing fingers at anyone in particular here, run better (or only run) when installed in their default directories because some bit of internal code was written with an absolute path instead of taking it from the installation location.

                                                            • 107. Re: CS4 Installation Problems
                                                              Graham K Level 1

                                                              I haven't found this particular issue covered before, apologies if I have missed it.  I am using a Windows PC running XP Pro SP2. My attempted installation of CS4 Web Premium (as an upgrade from CS3) failed early on when the installer said that I needed to install XP SP3. However, the results of running Windows Update does not list SP3 as an available update option (nor can I see it in my Update History).  Before I search through the Microsoft Update pages looking for SP3, can anyone confirm whether SP3 is actually necessary? Thanks.

                                                              • 108. Re: CS4 Installation Problems
                                                                Level 1

                                                                After paying the big bucks for this CS4 master collection software, I can't get it to install. I have 1.5 gig of ram, all slots full. Will it not install with that? The install won't let me install on a drive with 123 gig of free space, the install pop-up says there's not enough room please change location. I change it to another drive with 197 gig of open space and it won't install. Customer service is closed until Monday...I'll be back in class and don't get out until 8pm every frickin weekday.

                                                                I'm working on a sony the runs 3.20 ghz with the 1.5 gig of RAM running windows XP. I just reformated the harddrive but windows takes up the C: partition but the extention is 123 gig, and I have several other drives (with hundreds of gigs open) I've tried to put it on anyone of them....it says they're too small.

                                                                I've tried to install the trial version and it does the same thing. I'm at my wits end with this!

                                                                If there's only one out there willing to help me I would really appreciate, because Adobe doesn't seem to give a fig about helping me. I'm so thrilled that my purchasing this Master suite. Since I can't return it, I am throwing myself on the mercy of anyone who can help me with this

                                                                • 109. Re: CS4 Installation Problems
                                                                  BobLevine MVP & Adobe Community Professional

                                                                  Answered in your other post, but the answers are here, too. You need more room on the c:drive.


                                                                  This is a Windows issue, not an Adobe issue.



                                                                  • 110. Re: CS4 Installation Problems
                                                                    Eloise WNY Level 1

                                                                    Adobe Creative Suite Web Premium CS4 - upgrade from CS2

                                                                    Windows Vista Home Premium SP1 - 32 bit OS

                                                                    HP Pavilion dv9720us Notebook PC - 2 gb ram


                                                                    Installation Issues


                                                                    Application Disk 1: The installation proceeded till there was about 1/4 left on the progress bar. It was in the process of installing Adobe Acrobat Pro. All the icons on my desktop disappeared, the install froze. I was unable to exit using the task manager. Finally had to use my on/off switch to get out of the freeze.


                                                                    Attempted the install again a few hours later. The installer seemed to hang at the same point but this time the icons did not disappear. I gave it some time and eventually the program installed. It appears to be ok.


                                                                    New Issues


                                                                    Now I have new things happening that weren't happening before.


                                                                    • I have some programs that I right click and "run as administrator". Now, if I right click on any desktop icon the installer for Acrobat Pro comes up. Why is this happening and can I make it stop?


                                                                    • My Adobe Flash player is now totally broken. I have always had issues with it but I had a workaround for it that seemed to work. I have the following icons on my desktop:

                                                                         -- the Adobe uninstaller (downloaded from the Adobe site)

                                                                         -- the executable Flash Player with Active X installer

                                                                    If I right click on the uninstaller and run as administrator, then do the same with the installer at start up I am able to have Flash in IE7. This has worked for me until yesterday. Now when I try to install (using the above methods) the install fails and directs me to tech note 19166. I really need a functioning flash player.


                                                                    I would like to open a web support ticket but I have been through the support pages and can't find how to do that.

                                                                    • 111. Re: CS4 Installation Problems
                                                                      Mrs. S. Braun Level 1

                                                                      Can someone please help me.  I've tried to install CS4 and every time it's checking the setup, it stalls at 90%.  I don't get any error messages or BSOD like a lot of you are talking about.  It just simply hangs there.  We've gone out and purchased additional RAM, turned off the virus program, ran registry cleanup, ran the Adobe script, etc... we've tried everything.  It still just stops at 90%.  I am not  a technical person, but I have been installing software programs for 20 years, this is the first time I can't install a program.  Can someone please tell me what the problem is?  Thanks.

                                                                      • 112. Re: CS4 Installation Problems
                                                                        BobLevine MVP & Adobe Community Professional

                                                                        If you've tried all of that, it's time to call Adobe. Installation issues are handled free of charge.



                                                                        • 113. Re: CS4 Installation Problems
                                                                          Kroycom Level 1

                                                                          For those getting BSODs (Blue Screen of Death) during installation on Windows 7 or Vista, the issue is probably related to the installation DVDs. Maybe some DVD drives don't play well under Windows 7 with those installation DVDs, or whatever else the issue may be, there is definitely a problem with the installation discs, as those numerous complaints about them indicate.

                                                                          I've had problems installing Production Premium CS4 on Windows 7 RC (beta went fine) using the installation discs. Win 7 RC just didn't play well with the Adobe installation DVDs so I installed the suite directly from a hard drive. Worked perfectly. Here are the steps again in case you can't find Adobe's document about it: http://kroycom.com/blog/2009/bsod-install-adobe-cs4-on-windows-7-or-vista/


                                                                          Again this is not a solution if you're low on disk space, or if you clogged your system with antivirus or other junk software. See my notes on that at the end.

                                                                          • 114. CS4 design premium flash/DW/FW installation problem
                                                                            Tom Glen Level 1

                                                                            Hi, was wondering if anyone could help me. I'm installing Design premium CS4 on 32bit Windows Vista. The installation goes through seemingly alright but then when i try to open Dreamweaver, Flash or Fireworks it brings up an error message saying

                                                                            "The application failed to initialilze properly (0xc0150004)" with these details


                                                                            Problem signature:
                                                                              Problem Event Name:    APPCRASH
                                                                              Application Name:    Flash.exe
                                                                              Application Version:
                                                                              Application Timestamp:    48c73089
                                                                              Fault Module Name:    ntdll.dll
                                                                              Fault Module Version:    6.0.6002.18005
                                                                              Fault Module Timestamp:    49e03821
                                                                              Exception Code:    c0150004
                                                                              Exception Offset:    00009eed
                                                                              OS Version:    6.0.6002.
                                                                              Locale ID:    2057
                                                                              Additional Information 1:    9d13
                                                                              Additional Information 2:    1abee00edb3fc1158f9ad6f44f0f6be8
                                                                              Additional Information 3:    9d13
                                                                              Additional Information 4:    1abee00edb3fc1158f9ad6f44f0f6be8


                                                                            All the other programs work fine, its just those ones that won't even open. I've tried reinstalling in every different way i can think of, without AV, with MS SQL and IIS switched off, from desktop with selective startup, you name it and it still has the same problem.

                                                                            Can anyone help with what might be causing the problem?


                                                                            Also, when i look in install logs it brings up this error


                                                                            Log of: object

                                                                            isRunning {string}: 0

                                                                            percentComplete {string}: 100

                                                                            message {object}: [object Object]

                                                                            Log of: object

                                                                                        code {string}: 0

                                                                                        args {object}: [object Object]

                                                                            which i think refers to the installer freezing when checking the system profile on install but it seems to go through install alright. It also has the following errors.



                                                                            The payload with AdobeCode: {35304775-CB5F-101B-A142-83B5468C225C} has required dependency on:

                                                                                        Family: InDesign

                                                                                        ProductName: Adobe InDesign CS4 Icon Handler x64


                                                                                        This dependency is not satisfied, because this payload is x64 and is not supported on this machine.

                                                                                        Removing this dependency from list. Product may function improperly.

                                                                            • 115. Re: CS4 design premium flash/DW/FW installation problem
                                                                              Steve_Molon Level 1

                                                                              My problem is simply this:


                                                                              1.I bought this Production Premium from Gradware.

                                                                              2. I turn everything off as said previously, however when it says checking system profile (Which is the first thing it does) it says:

                                                                                 =Setup Error=

                                                                                 -Setup has encountered an error and cannot continue.

                                                                              3. I called Adobe and they were absoultely no help.

                                                                              4. When I opened the box, the CD case was already halfway opened.

                                                                              • 116. Re: CS4 Installation Problems
                                                                                wujabear Level 1

                                                                                Hi.  I tried virtually everything in the forums when my Web Design Premium CS4 install froze at the 80-90% and never proceeded.  Finally, by deleting one phrase (windows.external.) from the Containerproxy.js file, CS4 installed like a dream -- no glitches, stumbles, or "issues."  Here's the link where I found this "solution":



                                                                                Good hunting!

                                                                                • 117. Re: CS4 Installation Problems
                                                                                  tschnerk Level 1

                                                                                  I deleted the window.external. but when I run the setup.exe from the original media, it will override the ContainerProxy.js file with the default version. So I have to install from Add Or Remove Programs or Programs And Features the Adobe Creative Suite 4 Master Collection! but the not finished installation doesn't react! what can I do? or are there other possibilities to run it?

                                                                                  • 118. Re: CS4 design premium flash/DW/FW installation problem
                                                                                    perlevennen Level 1

                                                                                    I have encoutered the same problem. I bought CS4 Design standard, student edition from a norwegian company. The case was open when I got the DVD and it will not install no matter what I do. Can the disks be currupted?

                                                                                    • 119. Re: CS4 Installation Problems
                                                                                      Enchanted in New Mexico Level 1

                                                                                      I admit it -- I've posted the same message elsewhere -- don't know what else to do to get help!!


                                                                                      I just spend thousands of dollars purchasing CS4 Master Collection to install in Windows 7 Professional. I figured a new operating system with a clean install along with a newly purchased Adobe Software Suite -- no problem... 
                                                                                      Boy was I wrong. Installer quits with error 1603 everytime I run it. I've searched all over for solutions and tried everything I could. Finally called Adobe Technical Support (worthless)...they registered my program's serial number through support before they would help, even though it doesn't install. Said I need new disks -- the disks must be bad, so I should try an ftp download through Customer Support. Then they passed me on to Customer Support, for an ftp download -- only Customer Support tells me an ftp download for CS4 doesn't exist. You'd think the Technical Support people would know if that's the case (Another example of Adobe's inept practices) Customer Service then proceeds to tell me there is nothing they can do. Thy WILL NOT REPLACE MY DISKS, because I purchsed the software through a vendor. They then told me to go back to the vendor and ask them for replacement disks.
                                                                                      When I checked my Adobe account online, my "support" case was then listed as CLOSED!! The problem has not been solved, but Adobe wants to write me off. Go Figure....typical Adobe. 
                                                                                      So now I'm stuck -- days of frustration later, Adobe won't stand behind their product. I'm now left fighting with a vendor for replacement disks which may or may not work, or for a refund, which they tell me may not be possible because I have already registered the product with Adobe through Technical Support. Catch 22 --
                                                                                      ONCE AGAIN ADOBE SCREWS THE LITTLE GUY -- I don't even know where to go from here.