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    Installing CS4 Master Collection with errors

    CraigMarshall Level 1
      I made two attempts at installing CS4 Master Collection on my notebook (Boxxtech). After the first attempt a number of things were not installed, i.e., Dreamweaver, After Affects and a lot of supporting things. After the second attempt only four supporting items remain uninstalled: After Effects templates, german lang support and italian lang support and I am forgetting the fourth one.

      So, I tried a third install attempt. Put in disk one, when the already installed screen finally showed up, I scrolled to the bottom to find anything not installed (which is the items mentioned above).

      I went to put a check mark beside them to indicate that they were the ones I wished to try installing again. I could not put a check mark by them, I clicked but nothing happens.

      I am baffled, any suggestions greatly appreciated.

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