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        Sorry, I meant Lim's program which he has posted above.

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          Jim I sympathize with what you are going through. I became so frustrated I ended up reformatting my hard drive, upgrading to Vista from XP and then installing CS4 and all my other software products again. Not a pleasant experience and extremely time consuming. After the fresh install, I immediately turned off the Adobe Updater and have had no problems since.  My experience with Adobe and all 8 of the techs (if you can call them that) I spoke to was that they were only concerned with the license number of the product and not customer satisfaction. Best regards, -Jim



          James A. Barrett

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            Jim Selleck

            Thanks for the sympathy James.  Regrettably, after TWO complete reinstalls I am right back to square 1, as it seems the default install action is for Production Bundle to automatically run Updater at the end of the installation, which results in the problem returning full-force.


            As of this moment, I am dead in the water.  Have not found any way to get Adobe Production Bundle CS4 to install and work on my Gateway laptop running Vista 64, despite the fact it has been running perfectly right up until the moment I attempted to update to 4.0.1


            (Currently, the update to 4.0.1 DOES work on my Dell mini-tower running the exact same OS.  The only obvious difference between the two systems other than device drivers is that the system that WORKS is using McAfee virus protection and the one that FAILS is using Avast virus protection.  Connection??)


            I NEED to use Photoshop, so I am between a rock and a hard place.  Must keep trying, but it's starting to look bad, and the problem has now spread to other parts of the system.  For example, if I open any Explorer window and attempt to right-click on any file, Explorer crashes entirely after giving the missing VersionCue.dll error.


            Will try the Lim fix and if that does not work will try the mode somebody above suggested where you uninstall then reinstall without Version Cue (I tried uninstalling just Version Cue and that made no difference).


            If those fail, I may have to go back to my ancient version of Photoshop 7.


            A fine kettle of fish, sez I.

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              I am simply amazed that this much of a problem passed through quality

              control or was at first thought to only be a Vista issue.

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                wow, thank you !

                I moved the files to the 4.0.1 folder

                this worked ! I thought I would have to wade through trying to contact Adobe tech support which seems like trying to climb Mt Everest !

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                  ssykosyss Level 1

                  I didn't even see the update that caused this problem go by - I typically use Photoshop 64, though I had used 32 last week without issue.  This week, I got the versioncue.dll error when opening a file in 32.  It didn't take long to find this thread and others; when I went to look at the 4.0.0 folder, there was nothing there except the dictionary folder.  After about a half hour of messing around trying to find the right files, I conceded, and uninstalled all of the Master Collection (not knowing what would and would not take out Version Cue).  That's a good two hour escapade, and then another hour and a half to re-install.  (I have a very fast RAID array, my condolences to those of you with a single drive.) I opened 32 to see if it worked, and it worked fine, as before update.  Fortunately, having read this forum, I made a copy of the 4.0.0 folder on my desktop.


                  Now, you'd assume that Adobe would have the good sense to fix this problem, being that it's a nightmare to fix...


                  I updated CS4, which was something of a long haul, being that there was a whole gigabyte of data to download.  I opened 32b, and bang.  Totally muffed, and, just as before I started down this road, the 4.0.0 folder was now empty.  Had I not made a copy, I would have had to do it all over again.  I copied the contents back in, renamed it 4.0.1,  and all was well.  Then another few hours of plugins and their updates, and I'm back up and running.


                  I'm totally ok with the fact that software won't be 100% out of the gate.  I'm even willing to accept the occasional update that makes it worse.  But when it does, I would expect the developer to promptly pull the fix, and/or provide and actual KB item that FIXES the problem.  Like, oh, a download of an adobe-sanctioned version of the file, or, maybe, an update that un-updates that little bit.  Is that too much to ask, especially from a company the size of Adobe?  Is it really that much better for me to have wasted at least 8 hours total of my time, right before a deadline?  (I needed 32b to access specific plugins.)  Not to mention those of you who haven't yet found their fix?


                  No, I wouldn't think so.  But who am I? Just a customer.



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                    I would like to thank the users who have posted the solution for the error......And I really appreciate for taking the pain to post the solution for others......Now I am happy that I am able to resolve my problem using the solution here........by just dragging the .dll in 4.0.0 into 4.0.1 folder using ctrl key...

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                      Ditto on the ..... just dragging the .dll in 4.0.0 into 4.0.1 folder.  Solved the issue.


                      Running win7 64 bit.



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                        Ian R Gilbert

                        Thanks. I did a clean install, downloading current files from adobe.com on 22 January 2010. My new machine is Win7 Ultimate 64-bit. The same error message persistently appeared, abending Windows Explorer every time.


                        I copied versioncue.dll from folder 4.0.0 to folder 4.0.1 in both the 64-bit and 32-bit folders, and the error message no longer appears when I right-click in Windows Explorer.


                        What I still don't understand is why this problem shows up in files downloaded in January 2010 when the problem has been public for more than a year. If Adobe can program software with 79 layers and 361 channels, why can't it install one tiny file in the right place -- or otherwise prevent the crash-inducing error?


                        Washington DC

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                          GET YOUR FIX HERE.


                          I installed Adobe Illustrator CS4 trial version and then UNinstalled it. When I tried to Right-click on folders in Windows Explorer, I got an error message pointing me to a missing dll file and the window would close.  I couldn't even pull down the File menu and without getting this message.


                          "The specified module could not be found. c:\programfiles\adobe\adobe version cue CS4\client\v.0.0\versionCue.dll"


                          I found this on the Adobe website.  Go to this link and follow the instructions.




                          Download the zip file, unzip it and then click on the CS4InstallerDatabaseUtility.exe.  A DOS window will open and prompt you through some questions.  It also asks if you want to remove Adobe Flash Player which I said "no" to.


                          Got my menus back. No more crashing windows explorer.

                          yes!!  A fix that actually works... 


                          I've attached the zip file here, too if you want to download but I recomend the link since it has the instructions.


                          Good luck.


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                            I downloaded a trial version of the Adobe Illustrator cs4 in my computer. I only used it for about a week, then I uninstalled my Adobe Illustrator CS4 Trial Version in my computer. I deleted the program through the control panel>add/remove programs. I also deleted the Photoshop Files in my C:\Program Files\Adobe. Then I went to my desktop and I was trying to delete my Photoshop CS4 Files (Download Files) then a dialog appears and it says: "The specified module cannot be found: C:\Common Files\Adobe\Adobe Version Cue CS4\Client\4.0.0\VersionCue.DLL" When I try to look again at the control panel where prgrams are removed, the registry is still there, when i click the change/remove button of the illustrator cs4, it just won't work.
                            I have read all the solutions posted here. Even the clean up script but to no avail nothing works. I need to fix this problem immediately because I need the computer for school purposes. And whenever I right-click or delete some files. The dialog box appear.


                            Please help!

                            I need answers A.S.A.P.

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                              I was also having this problem but had no use for Version Cue... so I removed it. I rebooted, and I still was unable to right click on any files or folders.


                              I then removed Adobe Drive and that fixed the problem.


                              Adobe: Your software is becoming bloatware. I hope you know that.

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                                This right clicking issue is also occuring on Windows 7. I have tried http://kb2.adobe.com/cps/408/kb408524.html but it doesn't work.


                                Hopefully there will be a solution that works.

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                                  **ATTENTION WINDOWS 7 64 BIT USERS**


                                  I also used the fix where i copied the .dll files over to the new 4.0.1 folder in my x86 program files folder, and was still having issues, right click, opening programs as administrator, unzipping files, and such.


                                  Since this is a manual fix, you have to copy the .dll fines in the regular PROGRAM FILES and PROGRAM FILES x86 folders! If this does not work, you're going to have to clean your Adobe installs and reinstall. (see previous posts on the copy .dll files fix)

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                                    tropical_riot01 Level 1

                                    The link is dead. I really need a fix to this.


                                    I tried uninstalling Illustrator CS4 and PS CS2 and it both failed for some reason and I got stuck with this error. Copy + pasting versioncue.dll is a no go because every time I drag it to the 4.0.1 folder it says that the file is in use or write-protected. I can't find the 4.0.0 folder. I found the versioncue.dll file in a common CS2 folder where all other .dll files are.



                                    Any suggestions? I'm on an office computer and I don't have priviledges to install/uninstall the programs. I don't think any of our IT people knows any better than me so I'm trying to solve it myself.


                                    Thanks in advance



                                    P.S. I tried deleting the Adobe Drivers folder (using delete button) but the whole thing just restarted. This problem just doesn't want to be solved.

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                                      Hi, I can't believe Adobe hasn't fixed this yet.  Did you stop the Adobe Version Cue service?  You most likely need administrator privileges to copy that file, so if you don't have that you should get your IT person to sign on as an administrator and do the copy.  One way to find out if the file is in use is to run Process Explorer (downloadable from Microsoft) and then search for that filename to see what process is using it.  It can be run without having to install it.  Hope that helps.

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                                        I had the same problem since CS4 (web premium) updater installed  in window 7 ultimate 64bit PC

                                        I  searched a solution on Adobe data base but could not resolved.

                                        Thanks!! google search engine let me to this forum and could fix it with yauhui's solution and kaqyu-kid's suggestion.

                                        Thank you, guys!!

                                        I am suprised  Adibe could not fix this problem yet at this time that since it has been around over year!!!

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                                          petercwho Level 1


                                          I wish to thank you for your thread.

                                          When you are faced with the message and nothing seems to work - you panic. Guess you need a day long off the computer to get your thinking straight.


                                          I forgot about my backup which I had ghosted. Just took it out and went to the folder and copied all the files there originally and what you know - it works again. I am now able to use my right mouse button and no more version cue message.


                                          The cause of this was

                                          I uninstalled all my photoshop cs software - cs2 to cs5 and also the preferences as I did not want a clash to the new package I just bought.

                                          The new package is Adobe Design Premium and has Photoshop CS5 in it too which I wanted to install into my desktop and the previous standalone cs5 to be converted into a mac version for my laptop.


                                          What you know - I have a new problem now - My new CS5 cannot be installed as it keeps refering to my preferences still hidden. Guess now I have no choice but to format my hd and reinstall all my software - another headace to come.


                                          Anyway thanks again.


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                                            steve crown

                                            That actually helped. Just delete Adobe drive then reboot. Thanx.

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