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    ahhh Page Cannot Be Displayed

      First of all I cant even get into the website http://kuler.adobe.com/. So I know it cant be a Flash Problem. So then I tried my PC with Windows XP Pro, my parents computer with the same OS and my MacBook, all of which did not work. So then I plugged my computer directly into my cable modem. Connected no problem at all. So then I went back through my linksys wireless-B router and it didnt work!! So I Reset all of the configuration and its still NOT working. I also flushed my DNS just to be safe. So my problem for getting the "Internet Explorer cannot display the webpage" or "Safari can't open the page" seems to be caused by my router which is not blocking anything at all. Any ideas???

      Oh and also it is only happening with sites the have the kuler.abobe domain because http://kuler.adobe.com/links/tutorial/ also does not work for me.