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    data coming late by remote object

    RUSH-ME Level 3
      Hi, I am facing problem with data coming late by remote object. the sample code is-

      public var isRelationExist:Boolean = false;
      private var remoteLoginObject : RemoteObject = new RemoteObject();
      //some code

      public function setCurrentNode(value:Node):void

      remoteLoginObject.destination = "NodeRef";
      remoteLoginObject.isDirectRelation(value.name, getCurrentFromNode().name);
      remoteLoginObject.showBusyCursor = true;
      remoteLoginObject.addEventListener(ResultEvent.RESULT, setNodeRelation);
      remoteLoginObject.addEventListener(FaultEvent.FAULT, showAlert);

      this.currentToNode = value;

      private function showAlert(event:FaultEvent):void

      private function setNodeRelation(event:ResultEvent):void
      isRelationExist = event.result as Boolean;

      //some code
      //below function has called later

      public function getRelation():void
      DrawLine.isDotted = false;
      DrawLine.isDotted = true;

      Here I am getting the previous value of the 'isrRelationExist'

      please suggest any idea to solve this problem.

      thanks in advance.