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    Table column widths

    Authorgirl Level 1
      Hi, I am having trouble with my tables.

      I have lots of tables with 2 columns and I want the 1st column to be just wide enough to fit in the text. As this is different for each row, I enter a specific value for that column based on what looks right. I am using px rather than % and have set the whole table to fill 100% of the screen.

      The problem is that RH7 seems to be automatically inserting a huge space between the end of the text and the edge of the column and it looks a mess.

      This is my first project with RH7. I never had this problem with earlier versions so has something changed? Is there a sneaky setting somewhere for column padding or something similar?
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          MergeThis Level 4
          On its own, RH will not "automatically insert a huge space between the end of the text and the edge of the column."

          The percent usage for tables is the better way to go, since that method also produces much better results when printed or when compiled into a Printed Doc output.

          The HTML protocol takes up to the percentage of page width that is designated, wrapping the words in column 1 if necessary. However, if there is a contiguous text string (alpha/numeric/underscore) that is effectively wider than that set percentage, it will hijack the extra space that it needs from the adjacent column.

          Assuming multiple words, then, a 100/20/80% has worked very well for us, showing consistency throughout the project, and in various output. Note also that if your table resides within a list, it should be formatted as 90/20/70% ( and 80/20/60% if in a second-level list).

          Of course, if most of your content in column 1 is short and mostly one word, you could reduce column 1 width to 10%, for example.

          Good luck,
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            Authorgirl Level 1
            Thanks Leon, and I think my wide screen monitor was confusing the issue!

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              Captiv8r Adobe Community Professional & MVP
              Oh sure.... rub it in!

              Squinting to see on my dinky lil ole 15 inch laptop screen...

              Sorry, couldn't resist teasing a bit.