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    Dynamic text format

    RyanG24 Level 1
      Hi i have a coldfusion website which has static text on a page, i want this text to be editable when the administrator logs in

      if i have column in my table for the text and display it, it will not be formated ie bold font etc

      is there a way of doing this?
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          If you are trying to avoid the use of a database to modify the content of a website the other option would be using <CFFILE> and <CFDIRECTORY>. You could have a folder which contains text files and the CF document would simply include them into the table's column. To edit the static text files you could just list the files with <CFDIRECTORY> and then use a form with <CFFILE> to edit the files.
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            SafariTECH Level 1
            You should check out web based WYSIWYG editors, that's likely what you need if I am reading your post correcly.