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    CS2 and XP 64 bit issues

      This is a strange problem I encountered the other day:

      I decided to switch from running 32 bit Windows XP to 64 bit so I could run 4GB of RAM...because I could ;) and all of my programs and drivers installed fine but the only program that has given me trouble is my CS2 Premium(Student Licensing version)

      The program installs fine, goes out and installs updates fine and it activates fine. But, when I try to open it, I get the "Serial number not found" in Acrobat 7 and "Name, Company or Serial Number missing or incorrect" in Photoshop. The serial number is correct of course. I did notice that when trying to install CS2, it says that it can not install into the C:\Program Files (x86)\ directory because it contains invalid characters. So, I choose to install to the regular Program Files directory and it installs fine, but it installs into the Program Files (x86) directory when I just told it to install to Program Files because it didn't like the characters :argh:

      I had looked around and noticed a thread about the registry values being located in the HKLM/Software/Adobe and Adobe Systems section. My computer did not have those for some reason. To try to remedy this, I went as far as loading Virtual PC 2007, installing XP 32 bit and installing CS2 onto that and pulled the registry from that and imported it into my 64 bit Windows XP. Still no dice. The Program Files/Common Files/Adobe and Adobe Systems directories were missing as well, so I copied those over as well. Still nothing.

      Is there some kind of stupid trick to get this CS2 to install correctly onto 64 bit Windows or am I screwed here? I've reinstalled CS2 3 times onto my 64 bit machine and I end up with the same problem every time.